Mariah Carey Adds Yet More Tour Dates

Contributed by NJHottie24:

In addition to the six new Asian and American dates added to Mariah Carey’s 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour, below are four official additions that have just been announced today:

December 9, 2003 – Portland – Arlene Schnitzer Hall
December 10, 2003 – Seattle – McCaw Hall
December 12, 2003 – San Jose – Hewlett Packard Pavilion
December 15, 2003 – Santa Barbara – Arlington Theater

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Adds Yet More Tour Dates

  1. mikemc says:

    I can’t believe this!!! Mariah is so BOMB!!! Just goes to show all you haters that you can’t keep a good diva down. For the past 3 days, Mariah has added more and more venues to the world tour, now adding up to more then 60 venues, making it her largest tour of her 14 year career!!! Go Mariah, I hope she comes back down to Florida, I would love to see her again!

  2. SJ says:

    I hope I get to go to the added concert in Los Angeles on December 17!

  3. WaneInTheZone says:

    The trick is up to her old tricks, She’ll do this ‘gruesome’ tour schedule then at the end she will check herself into a mental institute. Then shortly after she’s gotten all the publicity she could milk from the press she’ll release another mediocre album. She’s so bombing!

  4. niceg says:

    Notice that all her circus venues are halls and small theaters. The cow can’t perform in stadiums and arenas anymore. She keeps on adding her acts for the few fans who goes wherever she goes. Next show will be held in a hotel room, as she claims that she wants to get “closer” to her lamb-hos. And they claim as if the whole world is interested in those acts.

  5. monarc20 says:

    This is great News. I saw her Live in New York at Radio City and she was amazing. I think this Tour is the best of her Career and I am not just saying that. I know it is definitely the largest Tour she’s ever done and it offer’s more entertainment then her previous Tour’s. She was so good I think I am gonna get a Ticket for one of these New Date’s and see MC bring down the house again!

  6. NJHottie24 says:

    It’s awesome. I bet the haters are crapping their pants now. I’m sure their next excuse will be they are little halls or something. If they weren’t making money and weren’t selling seats, then they would have added an additional 10 concerts. Go Mariah, you sweet thing.

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