Mariah Carey And Christina Aguilera Are Superior

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Here is the truth people, is superior to Britney Spears, just like is superior to Jennifer Lopez, simple as that. Neither Britney, nor J.Lo have enough talent to be compared to such powerful divas as Christina or Mariah. I don’t understand how people can compare the multi talented Christina who has who has an amazing voice and writes her own songs to Britney who can’t even whisper in key, and has all her songs written for her by other people. Just like I can’t understand how people can compare Mariah Carey, an incredibly beautiful singer with rare 8 octave voice (who has sold millions of records world wide, and up to this day remains the BEST selling female singer in the world) to the absolutely untalented, ugly who can’t even carry a tune. Mariah is still #1, while J.Lo is # 40, proving that she’s superior to J.Lo. I am not even going to go into how much more intelligent and classier Aguilera and Carey are compare to those 2 . There is no comparison people! Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey are superior!

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Carey And Christina Aguilera Are Superior

  1. hunter says:

    I agree. . . I think Christina is a sweetheart and a top singer,songwriter,producer, and video director. . . when Britney sings live. . Oh wait I never did hear her really sing live 4 years now. .all so far was backing tracks. hehe

  2. young zezzzzz says:

    Sometimes Tina sounds bothering though powerful. MC can’t make a high note these days

  3. ms fussy says:

    I accept both Tina and Carey have singing talent. But I dislike they put on minim dress, they’ll look cheap and showing off

  4. bays says:

    Christina should make inventive songs

  5. chone says:

    Christina Aguilera has more talents and she is one of great voice generation in music fields, she can sing and create many musical styles and videos…………….
    There are many artistic qualities of Christina and she can really sing better.She is head and shoulders above the rest……………MyChristina .God bless you throughout your life………..

  6. Ryan says:

    First of all Mariah CAN still reach high notes. See her live in concert on one of her tours. She’s crazy awesome! Christina has a great solid soul sound to her voice. Both artists are very talent. But Mariah all in all is more marketable, has a bigger range, is an entrepreneur and does write and co-produce all of her music from day one back in 1990. Her record breaking 4 #1 singles from her first album we’re all written by her and we’re on her original demo.

  7. Birdie says:

    All four singers being compared are four individual bodies within the music industry. They sell their own sound and look. That is what they are all famous for. There will only ever be one J.Lo, one Mariah, one Christina and one Britney. To compare them is insane. Point made. You can not compare them?!

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