Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson Talk Duet

At the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, told ‘Access Hollywood’ she’s ready to duet with Janet Jackson. “Jermaine (Dupri) keeps saying this, but Jermaine has to call me and tell me about it,” Mariah said of the possible collaboration. “I love Janet. Janet is wonderful. I’m a fan. I’ll totally do it, but he’s got to let me know so we can write the song.”

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson Talk Duet

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    It will be a case of good meets bad, Janet a talented r’n’b artist and Mariah who is just a whore who claims she is black to sell records.

    Mariah ticket sales are stone cold, even in big cities she is selling nothing. The tour is officially the flop of the year, even the media are reporting how awful it is doing. Shame.

  2. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I think this would be really interesting. Although I prefer when Janet doesn’t work with JD, he does do good work with Mariah, so it might end up sounding really good! Poor Madonna. Nobody wants to duet with her.

  3. Nukleo says:

    What could be more laughable then two has-beens that are 40 doing a duet together. This will be the flop of the year right next to Mariah’s tour.

  4. CELEBR8 says:

    Why am I not feeling this Janet project. COM is a Mariah reject track & now she has her singing on her album…….Did her boob hit her head? As for the Madonna/Japan ticket comments: You Lambs claim Mariah is the biggest international star over there, yet you knock the country cause Madonna has out sold Mariah there too! You guys are your own worst enemy when faced with the facts. Ed, saw the Madonna show & it was amazing! Lenny Kravitz showed up, & there was a lil 7 yr old girl dressed up like the B.Ambition Madonna complete with pony tail…she was cute. I loved the beginning & Music “Disco Inferno” part, Erotica/You thrill me is HOT!

  5. EdwardAlex says:

    poor Mariah fans.. they will always be in the shadow of the true queen of pop Madonna.. Mariah has a descent voice but that’s it.. no stage presence and still a world behind Madonna in sales.

  6. emancipated4life says:

    okay so Mariah had one single out of the 5 she’s released not crack the top 10, but she had the hugest album of 05, which garnered her her best first week ever, she won three Grammys for that album, and two of those singles were number ones, while Shake it Off peaked at number two, and its like that at number 15, flop queen, I don’t think so

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