Mariah Carey And Trey Leave Fans A Voice Message

phoned into her official website to leave a message for fans. Mariah said, “Yeah!! Just calling in to say hey and to let everybody know, all the fans that I’ve been meeting around the world that I am really enjoying meeting you and things of that nature, all the little gifts and all the nice letters and things that I have been receiving, and there’s a special guest here that wants to say hello, hold on a minute.” Trey got on the phone and said, “Yeah, this is Big Nasty and I just want to say, you know, be nice, if you don’t keep those things coming Big Nasty will come and get ya and you won’t make it through the rain.”

Mariah said, “Oh dear, anyway we love you, appreciate you, enjoy ya! Trey Lorenz is here with us too.” Trey: “What’s up everyone?”

Mariah said, “And I’m looking forward to seeing you all around the world as I continue on my little journey, so thank you much for the support and everything that you’re doing and for keeping Through The up there on TRL and all those things. And I’ll be seeing you around the world and back in America and all of that. Love you much, bye bye!”

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