Mariah Carey Appears On ‘The Tonight Show’

visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday to promote her Adventures of Mimi tour. Carey also talked about her recent weight loss, her dog Jack, her “morsel diet”, swimming in New York City, her large shoe collection, and more. Read on for a complete transcript.

Jay: All righty. Welcome back. My first guest, a five-time grammy winner.
She had the biggest selling album of 2005. Her new national tour is called
“adventures of mimi.” It kicks off august 5th in miami, ends in phoenix
on october 10th. Please welcome mariah carey!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Thanks for coming. You look beautiful!

Mariah: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: And I’m very impressed that you bought a tour bus. I didn’t know
you — is this your first tour —

Mariah: It’s my first tour bus, yes. It’s a work in progress.

Jay: Yeah?

Mariah: Yes. We’re trying to get there. We’re trying to get to a place
that I’ll be happy traveling the world on a bus.

Jay: But I think that’s cool because a lot of gigs that I’m playing,
they fly over. They go — I love the fact that you’re just driving through
the country and stopping at jack in the box, whatever, and just — with
the big bus and doing the whole thing.

Mariah: I try not to stop there quite as much. []

Jay: Well, no, I didn’t mean it that way. But have you sort of pimped
it out yet? Have you done the whole thing?

Mariah: Oh, I don’t know if it’s quite pimped out yet. But you know,
it’s getting — it’s at a starting place. They’re working with it. It’s
a little, it’s a little, you know —

Jay: Cool.

Mariah: We’re really starting with jack, my dog. We’re starting with
his nook, because that’s —

Jay: He has his little dog —

Mariah: Well, he didn’t like it. He saw it, and he peed in it.

[ Laughter ] So, I kind of figured it wasn’t quite ready. So, yeah.
We’ve got to treat that as a a template.

Jay: Okay. It’s a template.

Mariah: As a template, yeah.

Jay: So what features do you want in your bus when you finally really
get it rolling?

Mariah: Well, that’s the thing. I mean, jack’s nook is very important.
And, you know, I can’t just buy him a regular bed, because you see what
he does.

Jay: Well, that’s true.

Mariah: So we’re going to have to figure that out. And then just a great
space to sleep. You know, because it’s like driving from place to place
in between shows. Get your rest. And that whole thing. Know, I like jack.
You know what I like about these little annoying — “mee, mee,” dogs. You

Jay: But jack is a a jack russell terrier. He’s a little dog, but he
looks like he can throw a punch.

Mariah: You know, you can play with can pick him up by the toy. []

Jay: Yeah, and he won’t let

Jay: And you can will him around like this. I mean whip him around.

Mariah: Exactly, and he loves the water as well.

Jay: Really? Into the water, and they’ll think he’s drowning, because
he trying to get the jet. So, I heard you guys had a clip of him.F1 o

Jay: Well, I do have this clip, but I said, “we can’t show them, it
looks like the dog is drowning.”

Mariah: He’s not drowning. He’s so not drowning. He’s trying to get
the jet, and he’ll never get the jet.

Jay: Wellght, let’s take a look. Here’s jack and the jet.

Mariah: Jack is my jack russell he’s not drowning. He’s merely trying
to get the jet. It’s his eternal quest to get the jet. He’s trying to get
the jet. He thinks the jet is an animal. He will never get the jet.

[ Applause ]

Mariah: He can’t get the jet.

Jay: Now, you’re big on swimming, too, right?

Mariah: I love swimming, yes.

Jay: And you lost, I read in one of these magazines you lost 32 pounds?

Mariah: I don’t even own a scale.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Really, you don’t? You must be the only woman in america who doesn’t
own a a scale.

Mariah: Well, here’s the deal. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, if you’re
muscular, you know, and —

[ Cheers ]

Jay: I mean, you look great.

Mariah: No, seriously, it does weigh more than fat. So why torture yourself
with a a scale?

Jay: That makes sense.

Mariah: If your clothes fit you better, then you know you lost some

Jay: So if you don’t know how much you lost, how do they come up with
the 32lbs?

Mariah: 32. I don’t know. Could have been 31 point something. It could
have been 33, I don’t know. I think they randomly pick a a number and you
go with it.

Jay: Okay, well it works. You look great.

Mariah: Thank you.

Jay: Now, I know you’re in new york city now, right?

Mariah: Yes.

Jay: So where do you swim in new york?

Mariah: Oh, well that’s a problem. See, my trainer, the one who does
the water aerobics, her name is patricia, and she’s from st. Bart’S. So
everybody’s like, “only you would bring someone from st. Bart’s to new
york.” It doesn’t really work, but I do it. And then we have to go to these,
like, random pool places, you know, a hotel or a a building that has a
po in it at like 4:00 in the morning when nobody’s using it.

Jay: All right, so you show up in a bikini? “Hi, any chance I can use
–” like that?

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Well, no, no. I show up in my boring workout ensemble. Which
is, like, a one-piece bathing suit.

Jay: You know, I don’t think any of them would be boring.

[ Laughter ] But do you ever get spotted?

Mariah: I haven’t yet. But now that I’ve just said this on your show,
I’m sure I will.

Jay: Because there can’t be that many pools in new york.

Mariah: You know what? You’d be surprised. And I found a really great
one. And the guys who — security guards who helped me out, thank you very
much. If you’re watching, we love you.

Jay: And I’m sure they’re watching all the time, these security guys. 

[ Laughter ] At the pool. All right, so 4:00, at the end of the day,
you put on your bathing suit, and you go swimming?

Mariah: Yes.

Jay: And then what, you go home and go to bed? Is that what it is?

Mariah: Yeah, the wind-down process begins, and I go to sleep. But I
hear you’re a night owl, too.

Jay: Yeah, you know, I am a a night owl. I’m one of those people —
2:00 or 2:30.

Mariah: Right, 2:00 is good for me. If I go to bed by 2:00, I’m normal

Jay: And then, what time do you get up?

Mariah: What time do you get up?

Jay: I’m up by 7:00. Process is like, 2:00 till 7:00. So, you know.
And see how it works.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] We’ll try it. Look, let’s take a break. More with mariah
right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Talking with the very slim and trim mariah carey.

[ Cheers and applause ] Now, I’ve got to ask you — you look great.

Mariah: Thank you, jay.

Jay: You see, to me, how do you do it in new york? Like, to me, you
walk down the street, “oh, there’s ray’s pizza, oh, there’s angelo’s pizza

Mariah: I know.

Jay: “Oh, there’s nunzio’s pizza.” It’s like, how do you — how do you
do that? Do you have a diet? Did you — is it your own diet? Is it one
that you sort of got from somewhere?

Mariah: Well, there’s two versions of a diet that I like to try to adhere
to. Okay. One is just the regular kind of like boring, let’s say you can
have swordfish and spinach.

>Cf1 o

Mariah: Basically. And then the other one I like this sounds interesting,
all right.

Mariah: Yeah. Really love, but it’s only like one tiny little piece
of it you love pizza, I heard that you love pizza. Can have like a morsel
of it and that’s it. But you can have ice cream, too, as a dessert. But,
it’s only like one scoop. Like, not even a scoop. Like a spoonful, I guess
it would be.

Jay: All right, so, could you get around that by going, okay, one pepperoni,
one sausage —

[ Laughter ] Or is it just one pizza for all?

Mariah: Oh, you mean one morsel with pepperoni, one morsel with —

Jay: That doesn’t count.

Mariah: You could maybe have two morsels of each.

Jay: So which of those do you love? What is the food that you have to
have? You’d die to eat?

Mariah: Basically, I have to — I don’t know. I just have to eat to
live, not live to eat. But, I love pizza. And, like, you said, living in
new york, it’s like, when I’m not home and then I go home, like after I’ve
been on long trip, it’s like, okay, let f1 get a slice. Because new york
has the best pizza.

Jay: Exactly.

Mariah: Sorry everybody else in the world, but new york — and italy,
and italy.

Jay: I gotta show you a a picture. This picture made me laugh. This
is your house. This is your shoe closet.

Mariah: Yes.

Jay: This is hysterical. This is every guy’s nightmare. There you go.
Look at these shoes —

Mariah: Why should it be their nightmare, though?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Just the fact that there are that many. How many shoes do you have?

Mariah: I don’t know. But, it’s nothing compared to your car collection.

Jay: Well, that’s true.

[ Laughter ]

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Applause ]

Mariah: Sorry.

Jay: Well, that’s true.

Mariah: And they’re shoes.

Jay: It’s cheaper, too.

Mariah: Exactly.

Jay: Now, why so many? Are you like — do you just have to — do you
wear them and once put them away? Or do you have any sort of —

Mariah: Well, the truth of the nes when you do photo shoots and you
do whatever it is that you do, videos, you get these shoes shoot. And if
I don’t keep them, then size is just going to end up, like, increasing
her shoe closet.

Jay: Oh, I see.

Mariah: So basically, I keep them and I rotate them. But, the main thing
is that when I was struggling,inda like before I got my record to work.
And I had one pair of shoes and they had holes in the bottom and it was
like this year when it was like really sn o and I was like, “I vow I will
always have more than one pair of shoes.” So I think it stems from that
a a little bit. I don’t know.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Now, I heard you have trouble with cars. You mentioned my cars.

Mariah: I do.

Jay: What problems do you have? See, I could probably help you here.

Mariah: You know what? I believe that you really could help me, but
you don’t exactly have an abundance of time to sit around worrying about
my car.

Jay: What happened to your car?

Mariah: Okay, I have a car that’s top of the line. I don’t want to say
what it is, but you can probably imagine.

Jay: Does it have two “r”‘s in it?

Mariah: I don’t know. I can’t spell.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: What happened to it? What happened to it?

Mariah: Well, it’s a constant theme with me. It’s like I trust, like,
the men in my life, meaning, like the accountant folk and the driver people,
to tell me, “okay, this is a good car and this is not going to get screwed
up.” Because I know nothing about it. Like, I’m not asking them to come
write a song for me. Like, I write my own songs, you know, you drive, you
deal with the other stuff. Just make sure the car doesn’t break. Every
time I get — every time I get a car, there’s a leak. This latest car is
a — and it leaks.

Jay: Ooh.

Mariah: Yes.

Jay: Wow.

Mariah: Made to order, man.

Jay: Wow.

Mariah: And it leaks. And I’m like, and then, like, the radio station
gets — like, the radio gets messed up. So I can’t change the stations
constantly, which is one of the things I like to do. Which is why I don’t
actually drE.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Oh, I see.

Mariah: Yeah, because I’d be changing the stations while applying lip
gloss, and it wouldn’t be cool.

Jay: Now, you’re going out on tour. Are you performing outdoors? Are
you doing any outdoor —

Mariah: I’m only doing one outdoor show, which is basicallel día
cual es b*sicamente de day weekend, ’cause I wanted to have a party. So
it’s called “mimi’saya de los mimi.” It’s going to be fun.  []

Jay: Oh, cool.

Mariah: Yes. Beachwear?

Mariah: They can show up however they show up.

Jay: All right, well, I’m sure they will. Run right now.

Mariah: We’re going to rehearsal, yeah.

Jay: All right, well thah. Always a pleasure.

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