Mariah Carey Blasted On Talk Radio Show talk show host Dori Monson took the last hour of his Wednesday show to slam following her appearance on the David Letterman show Tuesday night. Monson said, “Mariah Carey has the intelligence of a load of bricks.” Dori said Mariah was completely disconnected from the real world and that parents don’t have ‘time to themselves’ as the childless Mariah had complained she didn’t have to Letterman. Monson added he was just sick and tired of hearing about Mariah and all her ‘problems’ when she never would have to work another day in her life if she didn’t want to. The Seattle show in an area noted for the salmon species mentioned on Letterman also joked about Mariah not understanding ‘Shnook’ from ‘Chinook’ when referring to the helicopter she flew in on.

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