Mariah Carey Brings New Boyfriend To Beirut?

Contributed by SJ:

Stopfalling from the Friends Of Mariah Messageboard reports that the media circus of Mariah Carey’s arrival in Beirut has hit Lebanese TV. Several TV stations have been airing parts of Mariah’s press conference, which was held at the Movenpick Resort. One journalist asked Mariah why she decided to come to Beirut during winter instead of the summer when its more fun… Mariah said she has been on a world tour since June and now she was able to come to Beirut. She said she has wanted to come to Beirut for a very long time and now she got the chance. Another journalist then asked her if she was seeing anyone… Mariah said she came to Beirut this morning with her boyfriend. When they asked who is he… She smiled and said said she wants to keep it for herself. The media then invited her out to dinner, but she declined and said she hasn’t slept yet and was on a 12-hour flight from Malaysia and she prefered to rest and sleep in tonight and tomorrow after the show she would party. She asked them for advice on where to go… and they all told her there are great clubs in down town Beirut. Then the reporter said that thousands of fans will be at the Mariah’s show unpatiently waiting to hear Mariah’s voice.

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3 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Brings New Boyfriend To Beirut?

  1. monarc20 says:

    It’s nice to hear that after 3 and half year’s Mariah has found someone new. I respect her so much for not sleeping around or going out with someone for publicity like J-Ho, Britney and Christina do. I have a feeling this guy is a real gem cause Mariah is ready to settle down. Who knows though she might have just been kidding and really Ben talking about her dog cause she love’s her Dog Jack so much she might have been making a little joke.

  2. SJ says:

    TO MUSIC MAN (Webmaster of Popdirt): When I sent this news to popdirt I gave credit to both Mariah Inc. ( ) and Stopfalling (from FOMM). Mariah Inc. is my site and the reason I gave credit to my site is because I am the one who edited and made the reported more readable. So I don’t want you to think I give credit to my site, where credit is not due. (I say this because my site was not credited in the popdirt article)

  3. moomoule says:

    Correct those info: One: At the press conference, we we’re not allowed to ask personal questions, so no question or answer about boyfriend have occurred. Two:She never went clubbing at Crystal, she stayed in the hotel where she had dinner with her crew, then a few members of the crew went to crystal, where a table in the name of Carey was reserved, the crew danced until 5, then went down to Zaatar we Zeit, where they ate typical Lebanese breakfast, until 7 am

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