Mariah Carey Can’t Face Acting Adversity, Unlike Madonna

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Recently an article was published concerning Madonna’s string of movie flops, but it was written by a fan! It made me think about the difference between the two artists’s movie careers. Before the fantastic flop “Glitter” Mariah Carey said many times in interviews “This is a lifelong dream/ambition,” “I’ve always wanted to be an actress,” but as soon as her movie flopped she gave up and never returned Hollywood.

Obviously her sole intention was to make money out of it, and when it flopped she no longer had any desire to act again.

Madonna, on the other hand, has been flopping at the box office for years, but keeps on trying despite much criticism. In a way, it paid off because she earned herself a few lukewarm successes and a Golden Globe to boot, even though her flops far outweigh her successes.

In contrast, truly has a desire to be an actress (even if she cant act) whereas “Mimi” is only interested in making a quick buck. In Hollywood Madonna is clearly the lesser of two evils.

Apple Martin’s A Tiny Fan Of

January 11, 2006 – Gwyneth Paltrow and her Coldplay hubby Chris Martin have been subjected to listening to Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ over and over because their 20-month year old daughter Apple demands to her the track. “Apple loves to dance. She absolutely loves Hung Up by ‘Dadonna’ – that’s how she pronounces Madonna,” Paltrow explained. “We have it on repeat in our house. She demands to hear it over and over and over.”

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3 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Can’t Face Acting Adversity, Unlike Madonna

  1. mandysdandy says:

    Well, Nutcase Mimi gave up on her movie ventures because she received some of the harshest reviews ever printed on paper. Along with the incredible flop of her soundtrack she knew it was wise to remove herself from making movies completely. When Wisegirls went to straight to video her assumptions were quickly proven.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    I don’t believe this… although Mariah can’t act, she’s been trying to get into acting for years now. So I don’t believe she’s in it for the money, because she didn’t make much off of glitter so then why would she try again? and she didn’t make much off “wise girls” so. Anyway the only acting I liked of Mariah’s was in the movie “The Bachelor” and on Ally McBeal. And Madonna should just stop also.

  3. markus says:


    mariah is a waitress


    mariah box office films……

    so let’s just say MADONNA is Mariah Carey’s kryptonite

    or Mariah is just MADONNA’s BITCH!

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