Mariah Carey Checks In After All Star Game

Contributed by a_rod221:

phoned in to her official website earlier today and left the following message:

Hi! Yes, hello. Hey lambs. Just left the nice All Star game and I had a really good time. I’m just calling to thank everyone who went out and bought the nice Through The single and things of that nature. And, I wanna say that there were some really, really, really sweet fans that I have met this week – some girls that came to the All Star game and were waiting outside. They got sold some fake, dumb tickets from some idiots that I’m really mad at!! They STOLE money from those girls! It was fake tickets but, fortunately, I was able to find them and meet them. And it was a really nice moment. Got a beautiful fanbook the other day at one of the radio stations that was at. But, right now – I don’t have Big Nasty here but, I do have the infamous and world famous Randy Jackson who wants to give you all a message in song. And it goes, 1, 2, 3…

Randy and Mariah: (singing) We’re singing a song, No matter who you are, *inaudible*
Mariah: (singing) Don’t know the rest of the words
Randy: What’s up, what’s up, what’s up!? C’mon, c’mon. Make it real whatever you gonna do, y’all. Make it real! It’s got to be real.
Mariah: (singing) It’s got to be real.
Randy: That was a good song, too.
Mariah: Yes, it was!
Randy: Yes!
Mariah: So, say hi to the nice fans so they’ll love you.
Randy: Hello fans. What y’all doin? C’mon now. I know you all love American Idol, c’mon! You know M is the first idol, you know what I’m sayin’? So, c’mon now.
Mariah: Hey.
Randy: They just tryin’ to be like M.
Mariah: Oh Randy! Oh Randy!
Randy: Who’s gonna try the song? Try to be like M! Try to be like M!
Mariah: Oh Randy! Oh Dear! I am not feeding him a script! Randy, you keep doing your thing.
Randy: Yes, thankyou, M.
Mariah: Exactly!
Randy: Thankyou fans.
Mariah: Tell them that you love them, please.
Randy: You know I love each and everyone of y’all.
Mariah: Keep singin’.
Randy: Keep on singin’! Stay strong! Believe y’all! Believe!
Mariah: That’s right!
Randy: Peace.
Mariah: Anyway, love ya much. And I will holla back soon. Hopefully, with Big Nasty but he sends his regards.
Randy: Big Nasty!
Mariah: (singing) Big Nasty won’t ya come to Brasil. Bye, bye!

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