Mariah Carey Devastated After Luis Returns To Vergara

The Globe reports broke down and cried after she heard former lover Luis Miguel had returned to his old girlfriend, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara again. A pal told the tabloid when Mariah heard of the news, “Poor Mariah cried like a baby. Her worst nightmare had always been Luis getting back with Sofia.”

Mariah was said to have felt that she was simply a rebound romance after learning of the news, and wondered if Miguel had been faithful during the time the two were a couple. Months ago when Mariah cruised in Luis’ yacht, Sophia was spotted boarding the boat the night before for a late-night rendezvous.

Mariah had told friends at the time when she was suspicious of Luis’ other romance, “When Luis is kissing me, I keep thinking he’s suddenly going to say Sofia’s name instead of mine.”

As for Mariah’s mental state, another pal said, “Luis getting back with Sofia is like the other shoe dropping for Mariah. She fell apart when he ditched her, then only pulled herself together by believing there was still some hope for them. Now, she knows that it’s over for good, and Mariah is hurting all over again.”

Of course this news must be taken with suspicion, as Mariah and Luis have reportedly been dating for the past month according to multiple gossip sources. Though with this story and stories of Mariah getting cozy with ex-flame Derek Jeter, the exclusivity of their romance seems to be under question.

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