Mariah Carey Doesn’t Feel Limited Musically

responded to talk that she had lost her way, letting others call the shots and mold her to whatever is hot at the moment, rather than following her own instincts. “I don’t feel that way with the ‘Charmbracelet’ album at all. I have a wide variety of influences,” she tells Mark Brown of Scripps Howard News Service. “I love hip-hop music and always have. I’ve been doing collaborations with hip-hop artists since Old Dirty Bastard in 1996 with ‘Fantasy’. I have the capacity to do a gospel-influenced ballad or a hip-hop influenced record. I don’t feel I should be limited into doing one or the other.”

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Doesn’t Feel Limited Musically

  1. mikemc says:

    Very true, no artist should be pigeon-held into doing a specific type of music. That’s why I give people like Mariah, Christina, Madonna, and Pink props, because they are all HUGE pop stars who aren’t afraid to go off in different directions and try new genres.

  2. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    Unfortunately for all the lambhos Mariah has only one direction and that is down. Mariah is such a kidder. Everyone except the lambhos and fanflopcrapchops understands that Mariah has no creativity at all and is just a product of Mr. Matolla. Since Tommy dropped the queen flopchop she’s been the biggest loser in the music industry. *high voice*Buhhh bye flophos

  3. mikemc says:

    OH REALLY!!!!! Is that why Mariah’s highest selling weekly debuts happened after she left Tommy. or the fact that her most critically acclaimed albums happened after she left Tommy, or the fact that she’s now a FREE human being who doesn’t have to act fake. Truth is, Mariah is a groundbreaking artist!!!! Tell me, what other pop stars were working with rappers like ODB back in 1996, NOBODY!!!! Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige started the trend, as much as you haters hate to admit it.

  4. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    The only trend that the queen of flopchop started is going from really huge international superstar to a flopho that has fallen so far that when her name is brought up you think of a crazed stripper loose on the mental ward.

  5. mikemc says:

    Actually, when Mariah’s name is brought up people think: 1) Best Selling Female Artist of ALL TIME!!! 2) Music Icon and Inspiration 3) Groundbreaking Female 4) The best vocalist of all time (even MTV crowned her the best voice in Pop Music History). 5) The HOTTEST Female out!

  6. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    No to be very blunt when the name of queen flopho comes up 99.9999% of the people on the planet just go EWW, that’s gross. Then they start talking about real talented individuals that aren’t insane and followed by 5 psychotic lambhos.

  7. mikemc says:

    If Mariah’s a flop artist for selling over 150 million records around the world, then so is EVERY other artist out today!!!!! Yeah, 150 million is the BIGGEST flop!!!! GIMME A BREAK!!!! Come up with some new sh** because that is getting old!

  8. MariahCareyFreak says:

    lol! You do this just to get a bite out of the MC Fans like me! But I could care less what you think! lol! bye bye

    That sounded like it came from a Middle School Kid! My because Becky is 15 and comes up with better ranks then you! Oh and Mariah started the Jersey dress trend! Mariah created the Jersey dress! So there’s you’re trend! But you’re just a blind idiot trying to feel better about yourself! You get you’re joy off of peoples Sadness and that is SAD! LOSER!

  9. niceg says:

    Yeah, right. Lets come up with something new. So the old MC is a has-been. Going from top-shot to pop-chop. The MTV has to give her the achievement award so that she doesn’t go there and start stripping on TRL again. Just a sympathetic gift so that she will not go mad again. And every lamb-hos just buy like 100 copies of the album everytime to keep MC from going psychotic. If it sells, why didn’t it go to Billboard at #1? She only got to top Billboard when she was at Sony, being used as a personal slut to Tommy. After leaving Sony, no more Tommy = no more #1s. She can have like 100 #1s now, but she was caught “artificially inflating the song requests on radio”. She can finally be free and “fly away” now. But someone has got to whack that damn moth.

  10. PaulNick19 says:

    Mariah rules! No artist should feel obligated into doing one type of music for their entire careers. This goes for anyone….its only human to have other areas of interest and to want to experiment. People just can’t handle change. And if Mariah came out as one way, and now is another, people have to comment on it. Whereas if she would have came out always being the way she is, there wouldn’t be anything said.

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