Mariah Carey Embraces Fans In Holland At TV Show

Tom from the Friends of Mariah Messageboard posted his experience at the taping of Tros TV with Ivo Niehe in Holland on Wednesday. After an interview and performance of ‘Through The Rain’, the singer “went into, yes INTO the audience! She signed everything and smiled the whole time! She went up all the stairs and laughed and enjoyed every moment! When she came close to me, I handed her the Butterfly album cover (eyes closed) And I asked her: Mariah, Can you please sigh this one for me, it’s my favorite! And she looked up at me and I looked her straight in the eyes and she replied ‘Of course!’ and she grabbed (!) the booklet and signed it with MC and a heart symbol which is sooo sweet and then the best part: I got it back and ‘Thank you so much!’ and then she winked her eye!!! Wooohooo!”

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