Mariah Carey Explains Infamous ‘TRL’ Appearance

Moritz von Uslar of Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine spoke with in a marathon 100 question interview. He boldly questioned the singer about the infamous ‘TRL’ appearance days before she was hospitalized. “It is hard for people who don’t have any experience with TV appearances to understand this,” she said. “There was a problem with my ear monitors. I had this chaos of voices in my ears but was expected to answer a question at the same time, which is hardly possible. Everyone was terribly excited. It was a joke. Things were exaggerated afterwards because I fainted two days later, and I needed medical help.” Then when Moritz asked about a “suicide attempt” at the climax of her exhaustion, Carey insisted, “That is not true. I am a far too spiritual person to even think of suicide.”

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