Mariah Carey Fans Blame The-Dream For Disappointing ‘Memoirs’ Sales

The-Dream took on critics on his Twitter this evening, specifically fans who are blaming him for the disappointing sales of her latest album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’, which he played a primary role in producing. The 31-year-old writes:

@MCCLambNYC please take it like a girl or a man! you are right its all DREAMS FAULT! Grow up! it takes more than just music a real MC fan..

They are more supreme to numbers that can be easily altered maybe i should by a million copies my self so you can feel better FAKE FAN!

@MCCLambNYC knows THAT FAKE FAN so pull your panties out your *ss and calm down its not the end of the world! this is the Album that I….

@MCCLambNYC made beside the Great MC so if you dont like it then you dont Like MC. so be sure to voice your opinion with my friend MC.

@Baby_Lamb_Pimp awe don’t cry I’m sure the sun will still come out tomorrow. “the Sun will come out tomorrow” singing LOL

MC Knows me and knows I dont take sh** off of no one period I slaved for her Day and Night till 6am multiple times. What you do? FAKE FAN

Actually in a good mood and I’m helping people out in a way, it’s like therapy for them they just need someone to talk to lol

I’m sure if you ask MC the last person on Earth she would point to is me. FACT moving on, sorry but can’t win’em all pray harder next time.

I get dissed publicly and privately every minute. When chicago lost in the 90’s they blame Jordan so I guess I’m Jordan how bout those Hawks

@Jazzylamby,@mariahisonfire has blamed DREAM for the reason of the MC album didn’t sound great SAD! you silly little people.

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