Mariah Carey Felt Weird Meeting Up With Tommy Mottola

Contributed Anonymously:

According to Yahoo! Music, was all smiles when she met ex-hubby Tommy Mottola at the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame festivities, but Mariah says the moment wasn’t exactly comfortable. To Carey’s surprise, she was seated at the same table as Mottola and his new wife, singer Thalia. When the pair saw each other, they exchanged kisses and pleasantries, but Carey said the meeting was “just weird”. “He was a gentleman,” Carey told The AP in a recent interview. “He was nice, but I wasn’t about the photo op, and I was kind of like bamboozled.” She says tries not to reconnect with her past with Mottola for a reason. “That period of my life was so damaging, that it’s like, if I even connect with who I was during that period of my life, it’s a very physically… I can feel it,” she said.

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