Mariah Carey Files From The National Enquirer

Contributed by monarc20:

AMI Books is gearing up to launch a compiler entitled ‘From the files of The National Enquirer: The Mariah Carey Story.’ The book, which will be released sometime next month, can be pre-ordered online for only $5.99 at

The release comes as part of a series of books being distributed this winter, whose subjects, in addition to Mariah, include entertainers Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Lisa Marie Presley, and television programs and Friends.

The content of the publication is yet unknown but is expected to include quotes from Mariah and those close to her, as well as information and articles originally printed in past issues of The National Enquirer. The book is also tentatively scheduled to include a series of photographs for your enjoyment, although it is presently unknown if they will be printed in color or in grayscale.

Regardless, the book should be a nice addition to any Mariah fan’s memorabilia collection.

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12 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Files From The National Enquirer

  1. Madfan says:

    Betcha! This Is Gonna Be ANOTHER huge, big, great FLOP!!! Mariah Carey’s track record: Movies – flops! Singles – flops! CDs – flops! Love life – flop! Personal Life – flop! At least Madonna has 2 No. 1 books in the Best Sellers List already! And this does not include the notorious SEX book! This Mariah book has already flopped even before it’s released! Amazing!

  2. webanging says:

    Madonna’s record as an author ‘The English Roses’ #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List ‘Mr. Peabody’s Apples’ #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List ‘SEX’ #1 3rd Best-selling Non-Fiction book of 1992. All copies sold out in the first month. There was never a second printing.

  3. Madfan says:

    The book should be a nice addition to any Mariah fan’s memorabilia of FLOPS

  4. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Oh Okay I Know Why! I see why you’re doing this your afraid Mariah Carey is going to have another big selling album and Madonna is falling off even with her kissing Britney Spears! Maybe if she kissed Britney’s ass she would have sold more records! Oh and Mariah is to busy writing songs to be worry about a stupid book! But you haters are going to do your thing and you’ll do it after Mariah has a big selling album. The haters will leave, but they’ll be back! It all comes with fame! Mariah Carey is truly Great and these haters prove it everyday!

    How many Flops have Mariah Carey had? No really? How many flops does she have? Do you even know how many albums she has out? NO YOU DON’T! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY ALBUMS SHE SOLD! You say everything she does is a flop! How do you know? You don’t follow Mariah Carey. It’s kind of like someone talking about Football and never played the game in there life! You know nothing! So why do you make yourself look stupid! Believe me the people who laugh at you. There laughing at the stupid things you are saying because if Mariah Carey really was a flop queen you wouldn’t be here! You wouldn’t care! NOW WHAT DUMB STUPID THING ARE YOU GOING TO SAY NOW?

  5. Madfan says:

    *CDs and Singles – EVERYTHING after “Daydream” *Movies – OMG! Do I have to say it? “GLITTER” (mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!! The Mother of All Flops!), “Wisegirls” and EVERYTHING that will follow. *Concerts – ALL (whether here or abroad) *Love Life – Tommy Mottola, Luis Miguel, Eminem…men cannot stand her *Personal Life – the TRL Strip Tease, the Weird Website Postings, and (drum roll…) the mental/emotional breakdown I could go on…but I’d rather comment on Britney, who’s really hot at the moment. No time for unsuccessful has-beens.

  6. monarc20 says:

    Well this is I can’t wait to buy it cause I have everything of Mariah’s. You haters just crack me up cause you are only wasting your time talking smack about Mariah. Why don’t you try to be a better person and not try to put other people down to make yourself feel better. I mean I don’t like a lot of artist like Britney and Christina but you don’t see me spend more then half my day writing hateful message’s about them. You people need to grow up if you don’t have anything important to say just don’t say anything at all. The only reason you guy’s hate on her so much is because she is the biggest selling female artist of all time and it made you happy when she wasn’t doing well. Guess what that’s over and she’s got a successful album, Tour and single so just let it go already.

  7. webanging says:

    Mariah’s remix album was in the 170’s last week. This week it falls off the Billboard Top 200. In a little over a month it’s already gone. I hope all the lambs celebrated last week since it was Mariah’s final on the Billboard Album Chart. Till Mariah’s next bomb.

  8. monarc20 says:

    Please we all know that’s because Sony refuses to send large amount’s of Copies to the Stores. They didn’t even promote it that Album was only to end their Contract with her cause she owed them that Album. So of course their were hard feeling between Mariah and Sony and they just wanted to kick her down once more. It’s ok though cause they and you hater’s wont prevail cause all Mariah’s Album with New Recording sell by the millions!

  9. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Madfan, Mariah is not putting this book out, the NE is. Get it? If it flops, it’s because of the NE, not Mariah. It will probably suck because the NE sucks. Mariah has nothing to do with this publication. It will be based on lies and fabrication and people will see through that, and therefore not buy it. Mariah will do her autobiography and it will be done right and will do well. It’s not like she thinks she’s suddenly relevant again, just because she’s penning children’s books.

  10. MariahDaily_Will says:

    This article was written by days ago and pasted on Pop Dirt word for word by monarc20. It is quite annoying that people don’t wanna give credit where credit is due.

  11. MariahCareyFreak says:

    That is not a flop! You’re a idiot! those are not flops! Everything after Day Dream lol! So Butterfly was a flop? Oh #1’s was a flop too? lol! Shut up you don’t know crap about Mariah Carey! Oh and if Glitter is so bad what happen in the movie? You can’t tell me! You’ve never seen it. So you don’t know what you’re talking about! IDIOT LOSER!

  12. monarc20 says:

    I didn’t get this one from Mariah Daily I got it from another Mariah Site. I love Mariah Daily though are you the owner. I sorry I didn’t give credit but every time I put a source they never post my News. So I really am sorry but maybe you should be mad at popdirt not me cause they are the one’s that don’t post article’s with sources!

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