Mariah Carey Gets Abused With A Curling Iron

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MariahCarey) earlier today to share a curling iron accident she endured and the horrified reaction from her unnamed stylist. The singer writes:

Breaking news..Why is Mariah always “on fire” ? In 5 min..

Just now hairstylist (who shall remain nameless) abused me with a curling iron while trying to curl and dancing to my new song.. ow

I’m searching for some aloe or whatever but it’s not looking pretty.. it’s basically a welt.. Oh the trials and tribulations Divadom!

Now he’s all trying to put toothpaste on it and swears its a home remedy, I’m like “Stop crying, you’re NOT fired” lol

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Gets Abused With A Curling Iron

  1. Cassie Hicks says:

    Come on, you guys. I’m sure it was an accident.:)

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