Mariah Carey Given A Brutally Honest Letter From Fan

Contributed by MariahBasher:

I have been reporting for a while now about ’s own fans beginning to question her voice and wondering if she is in serious vocal trouble. I have also been reporting that many fans have expressed anger and resentment while expressing that they feel they have been manipulated and somewhat cheated by Mariah’s Street Team.

Many of Mariah’s fans on this site did not want to believe me that Mariah’s own fans would be this honest. However I have been reporting the truth, and that truth appears to have finally boiled to the surface and made it’s way to Mariah.

One of Mariah’s ardent fans attended her video shoot Saturday night and presented Mariah’s makeup artist with a very heart felt and sincere letter addressed to Mariah. The letter speaks to issues with both her voice and the street team. What this fan said, while sometimes very harsh with lines such as;

“Now I know you have a right to sing how you feel from the heart, I give you props, but people are seriously doubting your vocals these days”

such statements are in actuality relatively tame when compared to some of the things that are said about Mariah, her voice, the street team, etc… on the same fan site where this was originally posted. However as you will see, Mariah’s lambs despite saying many things far worse, have launched a full assault on this person for having the courage that they all lack.

Here is a copy of the letter that this person presented to Mariah.

Here is a copy of the posts on the fan site where the hypocrites have come out in force attacking this person for saying only the same things they say every day about Mariah while labeling others as haters.

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Given A Brutally Honest Letter From Fan

  1. Jasmine says:

    Fu** off loser! No-lifer! Mariah is the greatest singer, and remains that way! Don’t hate, and don’t try to turn this around because the fact is what you are doing is jealous hating!

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