Mariah Carey ‘Home For The Holidays’ Voice Message

left a new voice message on Monday telling fans she’s just finished a taping of a Christmas special set to air in December called, “Home for the Holidays.” Mariah also thanked her lambs. Read on for a transcript.

Hi lambs! I just wanna let you know that I did a show tonight, a TV special, that’s gonna be on in December, called “Home For The Holidays,” with me and a lot of special guests and I think it’s gonna be really nice. It’s for foster children and helping them find homes and… things of that nature. So, I miss calling you and leaving messages and… I hope everybody is doing well and, hmm, love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya. I… I hope you saw the other night on the Radio Music Awards when I was thanking you, I don’t know if I stayed there long enough and thank you long enough but you know that I love you much, so, hmm, and you know how much you mean to me. So, I will holla back soon. Bye!

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