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In the latest edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, set for a March 2003 release date, pop-diva MARIAH CAREY scores still another title. According to Guinness officials, the siren’s ethereal pipes hold the record for having hit the highest note in the history of recorded music. In a live rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” last year, Mariah hit a G7#-note, outdoing even the piano. Technically, the exertion of G7#-notes is “dolphin speak,” since, in theory, these are the only mammals physiologically equipped with the proper lung-structure to produce G7#-notes. So powerful are G7#-notes that these are capable of countering water and electric currents, and have even been known to outdistance space and range. In the world, Carey is the only other living creature to have ever generated a G7#-note. Clinically, Mariah’s voice is termed a medical wonder.
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But the “altisisima” Carey is no stranger to the Guinness Book, as the songbird is titleholder to dozen other titles. Correlating to Carey’s latest record, in a back edition of the Guinness Book, Carey is credited with possessing a 7-octave range, meaning she is able to go from an A2 (eight full-scaled keys below the lowest possible note on a piano) to a G7#-note without deviating from perfect pitch and all in the time-span of one breath. Behind vocal wonder Carey, who still goes un-championed, are Yma Sumac, ringing in at 5 octaves, and the late Minnie Riperton, with 4.5 octaves.

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20 thoughts on “Mariah Carey In 2003 Guiness Book Of World Records

  1. maxthesteamwhistle says:

    Hi my name is Maxine and I love Mariah Carey but I must tell you that you have made a mistake because I hold the record for the highest note ever sung at E8. In your article you said that A2 to G#7 is 7 octaves but its really only over 5 octaves. I know because my range is D2 to E8 and that is only 2 semi-tones over 6 octaves. I also have the worlds first singing wolf and you can see a picture of me and my wolf at because I did a show there on Aug 2, 2003 Guinness knows about me because there was no record for this category and they have accepted me to hold an event to set the world record. I have samples if anyone wants to hear. I really love Mariah’s singing and learned all her songs and I would like to sing with her because we can sing the highest in the world! Thanks love Max

  2. anthony lindo says:

    its ok if she did not get the certificate of guinness record…the important is she still the best singer 4 me ever and ever…..we all kmw that she can reach an etraordinary high pitch voice which a normal person cnt hardly posses tp hit her notes….

  3. turk says:

    Mariah Carey does have a beautiful voice.Barbara Streisand could also hit a high pitch.Ella Fitzgerald broke few glasses.Yma Sumac did have a wide range.
    However Oum Kalthoum kwown to billions of dead,alive ,and not yet born earthlings as what JFK referred to”perhaps the greatest songstress of our times” has a range that moves from a high first octave to a low eight.It is like A skater doing not a quadruple but an octuple. Also she does not do it only once in a performance (such as the land of the free in the National Anthem) but up to ten to twelve times in one song,as her concerts lasting 3 hours always consisted of only two or three songs.She can hold a note longer than a dolphin under water and is the only known singer to have (at least according to what I was told by a professor of music at Cornell more than 40 years ago) a variable air flow per unit of time. However dear Anthony what counts is that Mariah is the best singer for you and nobody can deny you such belief and pleasure.People who enjoy music and who get carried away to dream lands by what they feel is a beautiful voice are very happy people.And you will be amazed how much the music of other places makes these places closer and closer and make you visit such lands without needing to leave where you are.

  4. Whoria says:

    Also she has the biggest flops in history!

  5. SLYx207 says:

    MARIAH CAREY is truly blessed because she doesn’t forget to thank GOD. She like us is also a human and commit mistakes so who are these people to judge her. “WHOEVER WHO IS NOT SINNED, GO CAST THE FIRST STONE BRETHREN.” MARIAH CAREY keeps standing on her downfall and as far as we all know, GLITTER Movie doesn’t topped the box office but it had it’s movie tickets sold so how it became a flop. A small sales doesn’t meant a flop! A thing is flop if it was below a half million sales because during these days it’s a good thing to reach a 500,000 sales because you can download everything on the internet. GOD BLESS MARIAH CAREY!!! ;)

  6. carlosantos says:

    .i think regine velasquez of the Philippines can also compare to Mariah Carey …shes so good and great belter



  8. dylan says:

    omg,are these people deaf?
    It is obvious that Mariah is d best female singer in the world!
    C’mon people lets face it!
    Maybe you are just INSECURE because you don’t have that kind of voice.

  9. badik says:

    yeah!!!!!! Mariah is the best of all divas!!!!

  10. skod says:

    Seth_ High notes??? When talking bout beautiful high notes, only Mariah can do it

    CarloSanto_ Regine?? she’s good but her high pitch is like shouting..Singing is not about who has loudest voice but who can make beautiful sound..Try listening to Mariah’s Lead the way and My all..
    They are beautiful.. No Offense

  11. terry says:

    Please which songs has Mariah highest notes?

  12. WTFFFFFFFFF says:

    Are kidding me??? Hahaha no one can deny that the best voice technically and emotionally is Oum Kalthoum’s. Try to listen to ‘Al Awela Fel Ghram’. Mariah’s still AMAZINGLY AMAZING though!

  13. joe.D says:

    Oh GOD! The great mariah care is one and only, there is no person be male or female to be compared to mariah carey, mariah carey’s pitch is one nd only, when I hear mariah carey sing in her pitch I cry, it breaks me down to tear cos its so unbelievable, mariah carey GOD will bless u where ever u are, GOD made mariah so special so pls there shouldn’t compare any rat to mariah carey, I love u mariah carey

  14. Stefan Goldstein says:

    You didn’t heard Svetlana Feodulova – Russian coloratura soprano. She has most amazing voice and also holds the actual world record of “the highest female voice”.

  15. Tony says:

    -_- Axl Rose has 6 octave range: C#1 – C#7
    Mariah Sucks

  16. Destiny says:

    How do they know if Mariah is the only human in history to ever hit notes that high? Did they check every album ever produced by an artist? Did they listen to every live performance ever sung by a singer, famous or not famous? I’m pretty sure they HAVE NOT so to make such a claim is ridiculous. She shouldn’t have even been awarded that title (probably paid for it).

  17. Dilan Carey says:

    Ain’t no body got anything on Mariah, you produce notes like that, have 18 number one hits and multiplanium and diamond status albums, sell over 200 million records and last in an industry that is hard to maintain longevity for 4 decades and still look 20, then we have a conversation ok? :)

  18. bam quinain says:

    I love Mariah Carey , for me she is the world ambassador of song & world peace

  19. Lynne says:

    Wasn’t Mihaliah Jackson the FIRST to break glass with her voice??? Please someone answer my question to settle this dispute here

  20. Jonathan Abalos says:

    I’ll go for REGINE VELASQUEZ,let’s just accept it,,,,if Mariah can whistle and Regine doesn’t,it’s not just all about whistling,it’s all about singing, Regine has the wider mid-range whistling is just a gimmick ,a trick and nowadays many singers can do that….Regine can sustain her notes even higher easily she always slay in her every performances,loud and high voice is very different from shouting,,,She is at the top,,,she is the only singer in the world who can rival Celine Dion,,, and no one can deny that, no other singers can

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