Mariah Carey Is Excited About Making Music For Herself & Fans

Access Hollywood spoke with on the set of her new video ‘Through The Rain’ in New York City. Billy Bush asked the singer if she’s feeling pressure and whether she’s nervous or excited about the new album. “You know what, I’m excited about the music. If I were to be nervous then I wouldn’t put a record out,” she said. “I am making music for myself and my true fans. It’s also a healing process for me. I just got back from Capri where I spent the past couple of months. I had to come back and forth for a bit for some family stuff. It was just really relaxing. I just totally immersed myself in the writing process — because I write all my songs — and producing. I basically live in the studio upstairs in this little apartment in Capri. And what it did was it was really just a chance to be reflective and just focus on the music and realize like, ‘Hello, it’s not that deep to get so stressed out over. It’s only the music business. It’s only TV-land.’ The things that really matter like human beings and people and family and friends — real friends — are the things that are important. It’s great to have success, but I could retire tomorrow and already achieved far more than my goals ever were.”

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