Mariah Carey Laughs At Tabloid Stories

WENN reports says she laughs off most of the tabloid reports about her strange behavior. “The private life they create for me is, like, bizarre and I read the stuff and sometimes it makes me laugh,” Carey explained. “They once wrote this thing about me and a fat farm breakdown: ‘Her staff were forced to go on the same diet and then they snuck out to eat cheese burgers, then took breath mints so she wouldn’t know.’ I’m sitting there thinking, I wasn’t in a fat farm, I was in a spa with fattening food there that I could’ve eaten. I don’t even care about fast food, and if they had wanted to eat hamburgers until the cows came home, I wouldn’t have cared. I put that story up on my kitchen wall because I thought it was just so funny.”

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5 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Laughs At Tabloid Stories

  1. Arman80 says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! All she can do is laugh at these ridiculous stories. It’s good to hear she doesn’t take any of it serious. Just goes to show how easy going she truly is!

  2. mikemc says:

    ^^Exactly, half the crazy stuff we read about Mariah isn’t even true, tabloids love to make sh** up!

  3. mcarey4life04 says:

    I don’t think their is any celeb that has more negative/retarded press after then than Mariah. You can’t bring her down, she’s here to stay…and that’s the way we like it!

  4. OohSexxy says:

    It’s sad that these magazines write this stuff because dumb people actually believe it.

  5. JadeFox says:

    It’s great that she doesn’t take any of it seriously. I mean some of that crap was completely out there, even by diva standards.

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