Mariah Carey Leaves Happy New Year Voice Message

left a fun message to fans on Friday wishing fans a happy new year along with her pals. For a transcript, read on.

Hi lambs! Happy New Year, I hope you can hear me from this staticy phone. But I just wanted to call and say Happy 2002 and everybody here wanted to agree with these wishes because…

[Mariah’s friends start saying “Happy New Year” and “Happy New Year’s from the British contingency”]

Sadie: Hap, Happy New Years Everyone!

[Mariah laughs]
Mariah: That was Sadie and she has one more thing to say

Sadie: What?

Mariah: The baby song

Sadie: This baby is nice, this baby is a lamb, this baby is cute and that’s [inaudible]

[Everyone laughs]

Mariah: Ok, bye, call ya back soon.

[Everyone says bye and “Happy New Year!” in the background]

[unaware that the phone hasn’t hung up yet]
Mariah: I hope that got recorded cuz that was a classic.

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