Mariah Carey Leaves New Voice Message After Finishing Tour

Mariah has left a new voice message on her official website, on Thursday (March 11). Here’s what she had to say:

“Hello! Sorry I haven’t called in so long. As you guys know, I’ve been traveling the world. And I’m finally done with the tour. It was really, really so much fun for all of us. And I just want to say thank you to everybody that came out everywhere – to all the countries in the world. We had an amazing time. We really did. So thank you to everyone who came to the shows, once again. We enjoyed you! We really, really did.”

“And I wanted to let you know – I guess some of you already know – I’m working on the new album, which is not called Lollypop. I don’t know where in the Sam Hill that came from, but anyway, it doesn’t have a title yet. But I’m really, really excited about it. And I’m about to go into my studio in a minute and get to working. So I can’t wait for you to hear the new stuff when it’s done.”

“And I just want to let you know as always, I love you, appreciate you, and enjoy you. I’ve got all my fan books and things of that nature in the Butterfly Room. I have a whole new collection since the tour. I’m trying to organize it. I’m probably going to take some pictures at some point and put them up on the site so you guys can see them. Alright, love you much, bye!”

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