Mariah Carey Leaves New Voice Message For Lambs

left a new message today from New York to thank her ‘lambs’ where she was joined by Trey Lorenz and Mariah’s friend ReRe. Mariah said “I appreciate ya and I enjoy ya” and promised to call more often… This news obviously conflicts with what Liz Smith wrote about Mariah travelling to Japan today. Read on for a transcript.

Transcript of the message:

Mariah: Hi(GH)! Hey lambz, I’m calling you from New York. I just wanted to check in because I haven’t called in a while and things of that nature… And yeah I’m here with the infamous and world famous Trey Lorenz! I believe he wants to say hello and something i don’t know…

Trey: What up playa? (sings) “I’ll be there to comfort you, chillin with my girl Mariah, ya know she’s on fire yeah”

Mariah: (laughs) ReRe, you wanna say hi?

ReRe: Hello everyone! y’all are having a nice day! And hey, sitting here with Mariah and Trey going over things and just being happy to be here.

Mariah: Exactly, we’re still just happy to be here! So, umm, I just wanted to say I appreciate you, I enjoy ya and I’m gonna call again soon! Coz It’s just been too long and I love you! Okay, buh-bye

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