Mariah Carey Leaving Mr. Chow

was videotaped outside Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, California, where she posed for paparazzi and signed autographs for fans and professional collectors. has since removed the video.

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4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Leaving Mr. Chow

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    its a posting about her at a restaurant… why the figures?

  2. loveitornot says:

    Shoot…. where the haters gone to?

  3. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Nearing mid 30’s’, ‘She looks great…and especially for being almost mid 30s. Keep it up girl…and leave some of those beautiful curves on you! Don’t become a skinny little Xtina or Britney….. Keep some back baby girl!

  4. Treggie250 says:

    once again she looks stunning’, ‘cant wait for her live 8 performance, should be on round 7 pm English time apparently, shes singing vision of love and make it happen, she cant sing we belong together because its against the rules to sing current songs! which kinda sucks coz could be useful seeing as shes releasing it in the UK on Monday, which is apparently going to debut at number 1, it had better!

    and i really liked that dress, showed of her gorgeous curves and body!

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