Mariah Carey Loses 15 Pounds After Fat Farm Torture

This week’s National Enquirer has photos of exercising at the Enchantment Resort in Arizona in what they call a desperate attempt to lose weight ahead of her Super Bowl appearance. Mariah lost 15 pounds in the effort, but 4 a.m. workouts and a bizarre diet left her in tears and caused her to have another breakdown.

Insiders revealed, “She had the resort staff cover the windows of her two-bedroom suite with black fabric. During the day, Mariah was essentially a hermit, staying in the suit all day long. She was in darkness practically the entire time she was there.”

The Enquirer reports Carey also forbade her staff from eating normally causing one staffer to sneak a cheesburger and fries down quickly while disguising his break with mints. A source revealed, “Mariah would have had a fit if she smelled fast foods because that’s her weakness and she might fall off the wagon. She forbade her staff to eat it.”

As for her split with Virgin, Mariah was at the resort when that news broke and an insider said, “In public, Mariah’s people said the split was amicable, but in reality she was devastated. She hold up and cried for days, but her staff finally got her to leave her suite.” Later during the same night of the announcement, Mariah broke down and demanded to leave the spa 2 days early. The staff headed out at 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning to head to Puerto Rico.

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