Mariah Carey Meets Fans For MTV Special

MTV’s Total Request Live played a clip of meeting several of her fans for an upcoming special that airs on the network the day the album is released next month, December 3rd. One fan was extremely emotional meeting the singer and started crying, with their brief meeting ending in a group hug featuring MTV VJ Sway. Read on for a transcript.

John: As promised, mariah carey has made it through the rain as the
song says and she is set to release a new album “charm bracelet” december
3rd. As parts of our fans spankin’ new music sers this week sway ought
hard core fans face to face with their idol check this out:

Sway: We’ve been hangin’ out all and i know that you have a lot of questions.

Fan: Do you have your charm bracelet on.

Mariah: Yes.

Fan: Can i see it.

Mariah: All symbols for the song on the album almost like the song is
the album

[Background music ]

Fan: Where did you get the butterfly on your jeans on the back.

Mariah: I had them from the video and my stylist was looking for them
and i don’t know whose idea hers or mine but let’s put them or put them
on the jeans.

Sway: Did you find a downside;

Mariah: I never want to get that big I’m one of those people they make
up stuff about and i was like, okay this is part of me you have to go through
it and get through it.

Fan: You are so modest i can call you Mariah and you wonts be like no,
miss carey.

Mariah: No, it doesn’t make any sense i would rather relate to somebody
on a human level because you know that’s what life is about.

Fan: I’ve waited all my life just to tell that I love your music.

Mariah: Don’t make me cry.

Fan: You just — i just wanted to tell you your music has inspired me
so much, mariah.

Mariah: Thank you. Are you biracial?

Fan: I didn’t have anybody there to look up to. I had you.

Mariah: So i love meeting fans and you guys have been quite wonderful.

Mariah: Let’s have a group hug.

Mariah: Come on sway get in here.

Sway: I’m in here, I’m in here.

John: Yeah. Ahhfor more of that love-fest with the fans plus a major
interview I did with her when she talks about pretty much everything from
her emotional and physical problems of last year to her love life to “glitter”
and all kinds of stuff and exclusive live performances catch her special
airing december 3rd the day her new album “charm bracelet” arrives in stores.

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