Mariah Carey Meets The Press In China

Crystal Zou of the Shanghai Star was on hand as addressed local media. The five-octave singer didn’t show much enthusiasm for answering reporter’s questions, especially when compared to her passionate singing. None of her answers was longer than one sentence. The longest sentence was in response to whether the sudden arrival of chilly weather would affect her choice of costumes. “If it’s raining and cold, I’ll still be wearing the same skimpy outfits as if it were warm,” she said. Read more.

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5 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Meets The Press In China

  1. niceg says:

    Who knew cows could make up proper sentences. Anyway, Mariah’s ability is so limited to that few words. She only knows “skimpy, sex, lamb, and hos”. Somebody please give the fat-ass cow a good spanking. As for her lambs, we can make some lamb-chops.

  2. monarc20 says:

    Good you are a Loyal You must spend all day on here waiting for Mariah New’s so you can try and insult her but you always say the same old BS. Mariah’s Touring in Place’s she doesn’t even need to because her Tour is going so well. This is really gonna help Mariah out in the Long run cause by the time her New Album comes out she will have toured almost everywhere.

  3. funkdobeus says:

    I suggest (niceg) seek psychiatric help 4 his obsession with Mariah Carey. He’s becoming truly tragic.

  4. YogiBear says:

    Have you ever heard her speak, hater??? She’s very articulate and very smart. she carries herself well.

  5. SoFreshSoClean83 says:

    That’s why I’m even remotely a fan of her still, because of the way she handles herself with the media, until last year, you never heard her say or do anything stupid in interviews, ahem, like others.

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