Mariah Carey Meets Up With Ex-Boyfriend Derek Jeter

Roger Friedman of reports that before heading to South Korea on her world tour, had a reunion last night with old boyfriend and New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter at the Regent Ballroom. The pair were there for Jeter’s charity, the Turn 2 Foundation. Mariah had been invited by Derek’s sister, with whom she is still friendly. “Derek announced all the celebs in the audience,” a source revealed, “running down the list matter of factly. He called out Mariah’s name just like that, Mariah Carey, as if nothing had gone on between them. But you could feel the buzz. It was like Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio meeting up again.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Meets Up With Ex-Boyfriend Derek Jeter

  1. PL says:

    I think Derek Jeter would have been much better off with out dating Mariah Carey. I am sorry, but she is as diva as it gets and I don’t understand why any man would put up with that nonsense. I used to love Mariah Carey when she first came out and still had her head on her shoulders, but now that woman has fallen off the deep end and looks ridiculous in the spot light.

  2. mya rodriguez says:

    That woman (Mariah) is one of the best out there. …. Why date Nick Cannon Jesus. … How do you go from Derck to Luis Miguel now Nick that’s crazy.

  3. ranessa says:

    i think that age ain’t nothing but a number but Mariah Carey and Nick are just like my parents….she is 39 and he is 29….my mom is 29 and her man is 39….. my aunt is a huge fan of Mariah…she has posters,all of CD’s, and everything…her man that she has been with for 10 years now accepts every thing that she does and she also has 3 kids now………hope you guys have a happy marriage just like my aunt

  4. alex rodriugez says:

    Yeah Jeter’s getting that!

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