Mariah Carey Named 10th Most Elligible Single Female

Star magazine named as its 10th most elligible bachelorette, and included the following ficticious singles ad: “Love takes time, DWF, 32, blonde/brown. Statuesque (5-feet-9, 140 pounds) solo singer looking to duet with a Dreamlover. OK, so I’ve been called a Heartbreaker by my ex-husband and datemates like Derek Jeter and Eminem. And I’ve had a few down spots, like being hospitalized for exhaustion and my less-than-golden movie ‘Glitter’. But I have a lot ot offer the right guy who will Always Be My Baby. Must not mind legions of fans, whom I call my ‘lambs’ and spend oodles of time with on my website. Got what it takes? Give me a shot – even divas need love.”

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