Mariah Carey On Access Hollywood

chatted with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Tuesday. The singer talked about her breakdown that she says wasn’t a breakdown, the death of her father, and whether she’s in love. Read on for a rough transcript.

AH: And now, confessions from mariah carey, her new album, “charm bracelet”
hits stores today. But before the world celebrates her comeback musically,
we look at the past year and ask her about the loss of the most important
man in her life and the physical shutdown that almost derailed the number
one female selling artist ever.

Mariah: I literally, like, physically collapsed. I had worked myself
into the ground.

AH: That is how mariah described her meltdown after the string of bizarre
public appearances last year.

Old Clip: And there’s like people called haters, no no, no no. And we
give them — you see, I can’t even —

AH: She starred in in and produced her first movie,” glitter” and recorded
the accompanying soundtrack, both of which flopped. But she said it’s the
ended round of promotions that landed her in a psychiatric hospital.

Mariah: There is a lot of work that goes into it and I had never learned
how to say, no, I won’t do this. Don’t have me doing interviews with them
and have me doing a bunch of photo shoots at 6:00 in the morning and working
all day and doing it again for two sfos straight. Anybody would sort of
melt under that pressure.

AH: But here she is again, over a year later, on another worldwide promotional
blitz for her new album, “charm bracelet.” It’s the first disk for her
new label and also the first since virgin records reportedly paid her $20
million to walk away after her one album tanked. What have you exchanged
in order for mariah to work peacefully with herself.

Mariah: I set boundaries and made everybody work with me sign a contract
they’ve to have at least six hours of sleep wherever we go.

AH: Recorded over the summer on the island of capri, the disk is getting
good reviews, both a career and personal triumph. And it’s dedicated to
mariah’s dad. Your father passed away in july. That must have been really

Mariah: It’s so tough to go through that with somebody and literally
watch, you know, watch them go. But I feel like we got a chance to say
everything we needed to say to each other.

AH: What’s the last thing he said to you or that you think about and
sticks with you?

Mariah: It’s still kind of hard to talk about it because it’s very recent,
but I was playing songs when I could. I was doing that type of thinG. We
were talking as much as we could until he couldn’t anymore.

AH: Back on the album for a second, there’s some love songs on there.
I didn’t even ask you — are you in love now?

Mariah: No.

AH: Not currently dating, right?

Mariah: It’s not the easiest thing, but, like, I don’t really — I mean,
I don’t really care and I’m not, I think when you’re like in search of
something, that’s when you don’t necessarily find it.

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