Mariah Carey On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live for the full hour to co-host along with Lala, Damien and Quddus. Towards the end of the show, Cam’ron joined her and they premiered ‘Boy (I Need You)’. Read on for a transcript.

Ladies and gentlemen our co-host for the please give it up for mariah


Hi, guys. Hey!

Mariah. Let’s go to the window we got some people that want to say hi.


A lot of people outside. Look at this. So, mariah, i mean not only are
you known for your voice but known to be one of the most generous people
in the entire industry.

I try.

I mean, from cars


To ice cream, i heard last time you brought my favorite drink for everybody.
What you did bring today, i see massage tables.

Yes. We have massages and manicures for everybody. ‘Cause people need
to be pam pered so i get we’ve got to get to it.

We’ll get started. I know you guys will try to get touched a little.

Oh, hell ya.

I need a massage. Quddus. I got to get me one and I’ll head over there.
Meantime back to the countdown ja rule featuring ashanti “mesmerize” with


No. 9 r50i9 there — right there ja rule featuring ashanti “mesmerize”,
we hanging out at the massage table, people getting their nails done.

A little pam pering.


[Inaudible] My ass.

Thank you for all the stuff.

You’re welcome. You are going to get a little manicure or something.

Yeah. Talk about collabs what do you think about gentleman and ashanti
as a team.

A great team. Obviously they’ve had nice big hits you know.

Every song like a big hit shout out to ja rule and ashanti and the whole
murder I-n-c damien do you want to take us to break?

I tell you what the last time I did this the police raided the building
and i was arrested but this is legal they’ve told me and havin’ a good
time and mariah will be dishin’ out the goods.

Treats keep comin’.

And a world pre– premiere.

The world premiere


Welcome back to trl with our special co-host mariah carey is in the
building hookin’ everybody up with massages, manicures, all kinds of stuff.
We thank them from come sdig through and you are answering fan questions.
D.What ‘up baby.

Tiffani where are you from.

New jersey.

A huge fan right.


Wt do you lik about her.

Oh, my god. I love her so much. Oh, my god.

>>Ow about a question. Do you have a question.

First of all i want to tell thaw I’m such a big fan I’ve been outside
since three o’clock in the morning waiting for you and i was first a coconuts.

Like that shirt. That’s so cute.

Check out the jacket, she made that for you.

I was first to coconuts in ’99 and you saw my poster in madison square

Your question.

I’m sorry


My question obviously a lot of rumors going on about you the past few
years i really want to know how are you doing now.

I’m fine. How are you.

Take a look at her. She’s doin’ great.

You know what it’s like. No thank you for asking me that.

I want you to know you’ve been in my prayers and always will

I love yout. That’s very sweet, very sweet. D rumors are part of the
business, just part of the business.

Come with the territory.

Sensationalize and dramaize everything and trl is for having a good
time, having fun


Also quddus is not house somewhere, baby Q..

Hangin’ out with laurie from delaware. She may not have home-made paraphernalia
for you but a huge fan and has a que for you.

First of all this is the best day of my life i told all my friends I’m
going to see her they are like you are crazy, it is freezing. I want to
say hi everybody, and I love you. You have accomplished so much in your
career what’s next, like your next big thing.

Actually I’m getting ready to go on tour this year, which I’m really
excited aut, so lackin’ forward to that.


Defer knitly. We look forward to the tour. Mari, somebody gave you something.

Well, melissa. That’s —

Come down.

She’s gettin’ a manicure, remember nails done. I’ll tell the story.
Your friends name here?

Lisa? Lisa gave me this charm bracelet and my album is “charm bracelet”
they know it is very symbolic for me and the story is, the story is you
and lisa have these charm bracelets together right.


So now me and you are gonna have them together right? Don’t make me

Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

Okay. That is so –.

It is so cute.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I don’t know — i love you, I’m almost 17 i loved you since you was
4 years old before i learned about music and looked up to and wanted to
be like you. I’m sorry. I have all your albums, everything.

And you’re so beautiful. I love the butterfly necklace thank you so
much for the belt. We’ll see you rockin’ it very soon.


Right now we got to jump back into the countdown no. 8 jc chasez “blowin’
me up”. Check it out.


The 8th most requested video in the country jc chasez “blowin’ me up”.
Maybe just jc any way you say it at 8. It was 6 friday. La and maraih hangin’
out back stage they will be back.

Good charlotte battling for no. 1 position on the count down not doing
band joel and benji and their band-mates either.

That’s right. They had one of the loudest performances of spankin’ new
band week and up three spots because you felt it so much here they are
new found glory “head on collision” at no. 7


Yes. No. 7 new found glory “head on collision”. Mariah we are out here
looking at all these fans and signs it is unbelievable. You know what I’m
going to ask you if you are interested, i always go outside with the fans
who have been out there since like three o’clock in the morning.


You want to go out?

Of course. I have to always go and see the people that wait you know
from early in the morning.

Exactly. We couldn’t bring everybody up here.

Hello. Exactly.

We’ll go hang outside.

Let’s go.

When we return we’ll be outside and the battle between j-lo and christina
is getting heated so find out whose video comes out on top. Stay tuned
to trl.


Welcome back to trl, a sight you won’t see often mariah carey in the
middle of times square only one of the most visible persons in the world.
Crazy. Fans are gonna be all over her. Welcome back to trl damien and quddus.
If you are just tuning in no. 1 mariah carey is here and no. 2 she’s hooked
people up with massages and manicures all day long, a generous people and
hookin’ people up.

We’ll check with her and lala in a moment but first back to your countdown
it’s no. 1 on billboard hot 100 charts but fans have to get vote more to
get them back on the top of this here chart, they are at 6 b2k “bump, bump,


Half that video budget went into their diamond earrins, blingin’. No.
6 b2k “bump, bump, bump” it was 4 friday. They will be performing on the
special superbowl edition of trl.

It is zero degrees outside, so cold but heatin’ things up with lala.
They are makin’ the rounds hangin’ out what’s going on, guys.

Ohh, it is f freezing down here. Mariahyou have some of the most dedicatesed

We are down here hangin’ out.


Also i hear you’ve got gifts for the people. You guys thank you so much
for co o today a have something special to show my appreciation some charm
bracelets to hand out i didn’t forget you upstairs as well. You’ll get
them, too. We’re comin’ back inside. Hey some of you want to come uptairs
with us.

We got to get out of this cold. It is too cold we’re heading back upstairs
but right now no. 5 christina aguilera “beautiful” check it out


No. 5 christina aguilera “beautiful” it was no. 7 friday. I tell you
we are trying to get ahold of this here show. Mariah carey was outside
and it was pandemonium, security guards, people going crazy one of the
biggest superstars a songtress I like to call her affectionately. They’ll
come back to the studio and we’ll see more what they will be up to and
our good friend frankie munoz o in california loves to claim he is a big
movie star, I’m kidding but sunny in california and cold here we’ll check
with him a bit a new movie comes out in march.

He’s at the N.F.L. Experience gearin’ up for the big superbowl hangin’
out with cheerleaders and all that and let us know what’s going on this
saturday and also no. 4 on your countdown wha’ssup.

I’m at the N.F.L. Experience in san diego. Are you guys psyched for
the superbowl


Before that kicks off you will check out trl superbowl xxxvii edition
this saturday at 1:00 P.M. With matthew mcdz conaugh, kate hudson and performance
from b2k all on mtv’s superbowl xxxvii tailgate stek lar at 2:00. Carson,
sum 41, 182 but right now i need chanting to get into this next video.
Come on guys, j-lo here she is with llcool j it’s “all i have” on trl.


That was no. 4 right there j-lo featuring llcool j “all i have” what
do you think that video or “jenny from the block”.

She’s not nearly as naked but i can relate to all the parker-wear.

Cute walkin’ down the stret with a red nose.

Very cute. We’ll take another break but mariah is on her back upstairs
and will give us the world premiere of her new video. All right mariah’s
coming back.


Welcome back to trl. That’s a look at what some of you guys think about
“the bourne identity” we are back from outside it was crazy. A lot of fans.

Thank them so much for coming here. D.V.D.S of that movie. What do you
think of matt damon.

Amazing talented.

Crib crashers airs tomorrow night at 10:30. You hook up a fan with your
style. How does it feel people love so you much they will change their
whole house to whateveryou say that is law to them.

I’ming to see the show is that really what happens?

That’s what happens.

He had have surprises to them but thank you to the fans outside who
didn’t make it up here because dedicated fans.

You wanted to bring them all up.

She was like let’s bring them all up. We don’t have enough space.

I know. Thank you for bringin’ the cold with me a lot of artis write
and produce the music like we all know you do.


Let’s be clear you write and produce.

— I wanted to talk about that with just blaze who just produced —
he was on his way up here so we hope youakes it in time. If not we are
waiting for you anyway imts one of the most talented producers.

And i think it’s great people are starting to, you know, do more writing
and do more of their own, you know co-production and stuff.

One artist that comes to mind actually next on our countdown is avril
lavigne, what do you think about her.

Anybody who is doin’ it in the music business, yea, yea, team ha-ha.

No. 3 Avril Lavigne “I’m with you” on your countdown.


No. 3 Avril Lavigne “I’m with you” drops out of the topspot and now
we are ’bout to break into the world premiere of your new video. Talk about
the song first.


“Boy (I need you featurg one of my favorites.

Yes, killer cam.

Killer cam’ron.

Oh, i made it.

Oh, killa


Kill, what ‘up action baby.




Had to represent with moo chain, as well.


I’m wearin’ about 17 birds.

He took this off his neck and gave it to me, thas what I’m talkin’ about.

That’s real.

Generosity of spirit.

‘Bewarein’ it though.

I’ve had on all day.

Do you like these, though.

We haven’t discussed the —



[Inaudible] In the back and told me about those shoes.

They are ridiculous.

You like them they are like vintage, but to me like slipers and matchin’
the ensemble eyou doin’ it. Right now it is all about the new video. You
are on the song with mariah, let’s get into the world premiere just introduce
it and let’s go.

Okay. World premiere of “boy (I need you)” ak a boy oh, boy part 2 featuring


The first time we’re getting to see this.

That’s the first time I’ve seen it. That joint is crazy.

Mariah and killa cam “boy (I need you)” the audience feelin’ it you
gotta call phone or go online and vote for that joint on the countdown
for real. Represent what ‘up jim jones.

Jim jones, U.S.A..

Hey, jimmy


Shut outs thanks to you for comin’ by, man.

Anytime thanks for havin’ me love y’all man

Make sure y’all go get that album.


Mariah, since you’ve been so cool with your fans would you mind going
to the phones and answering some calls from people back home.

Yeah, let’s go. If that’s going to make you happy.

It is gonna make the fans happy.

Before that i know you brought grub for everybody.

Yes, i did.

We got to bring out some fun.

Yes, i did.

Courtesy of mr. Chow’S.

We get to eat now.

This is how you do it on trl, okay manicures, pedicures and food.

Mr. Chowsdos in the building.

Remember if you want to talk to mariah, call her on the telephone (888)
311-4343 we have to take our final break. When we return, 8 down, only
the top two remain enough votes to take down justin find out when we get
back here is what will happen on tomorrow’s trl. Stay tuned.


Welcome back to trl new york city, mariah carey is here hookin’ up fans
with massages, manicures, dvds, charm bracelets she’s been so generous.
Thanks for stoppin’ by. Let’s get to your no. 2 request mr. J.T.Justin

He had his run but good charlotte fans they are as die-hard as anybody
else. Today J. It is still stuck at no. 2.

No doubt that was justin timberlake at no. 2 of course with “cry me
a river” the same spot as friday.

They were here last week and performed “the anthem” we saw it and loved
one of the high lights of spankin’ new bands week and benji and joel put
such a close on the week.

Must have liked it, too because here they are at no. 1 good charlotte
“the anthem”.


No. 1 video the boys of good charlotte congratulations, love that song
“the anthem” the top spot for the first time.

We got to say thank you to mariah carey. It was a blast. She’s over

Thank you.

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