Mariah Carey, Pal & Dog Leave Voice Message

left a new voice message for fans from her kitchen with friends Jack, Ginger, and Mary Ann. Mariah attempted to get her dog to say hello to the fans and laughed as the dog Jack barked into the phone. For a transcript, read on.

Mariah: (laughing) Hello! I’m calling you from the kitchen tonight. With
Jack and Ginger and Mary Ann…

Mary Ann: Hello!

Mariah: Mary Ann’s charming in on the bell this evening. Actually I
was trying to get the dog saying hello to you, let me see if I can do it.
Hold on. Mary Ann, can you hold the phone for a second please? Thank you

Mary Ann: Of course (Mariah’s clapping and calling for Jack in the
background) Now what will be taking place is this present…moment…

Mariah: Come here Jack!

Mary Ann: She’s ready to kill!

Mariah: Say hello! Come here Jack

Jack barking

Mariah: (laughing) I love you, enjoy you and I appreciate you! Bye

Mary Ann: Peace Out

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