Mariah Carey Partners With Bazooka Candy To Launch Lollipop Bling

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling

Elizabeth Arden and Bazooka Candy Brands announced a strategic partnership for the launch of ’s new candy-inspired fragrance collection, Lollipop Bling. “As an artist, I’m always looking for unique business models to connect with my fans and reach out to new segments of the audience, through different creative endeavors in music, partnerships or fragrances,” Carey said in a press release. “That’s why I’m so excited for everyone to experience Lollipop Bling for the first time! I think this line really comes with a fresh approach that is both innovative and accessible to my loyal fan base and beyond, but will bring something new to the market with a well-rounded, universal appeal.”

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Partners With Bazooka Candy To Launch Lollipop Bling

  1. *V3R* says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait to get these new butterfly-rific perfumes and add it to my collection of M/C, yay lol :-)

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