Mariah Carey Performs In Concord, California

performed at the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord, California on Wednesday (August 13). Check out pictures from the show at GettyImages.

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Performs In Concord, California

  1. babet says:

    I’m not feeling the outfit. it looks very……. Las Vegas. I’ve never been a fan of overtly shiny bright outfits like that. but her performance looks cool.

  2. Tig says:

    I’m feeling this look, sexy, thin, perfect skin and sexy ass legs. She is mad sexy. Go MC, She’s back.

  3. weebongo says:

    That’s such a CHER outfit. Mariah can’t pull it off she just looks stupid.

  4. MariahsMan says:

    I’m not really feeling that outfit either…it just doesn’t look right for some reason. Mariah looks great though!

  5. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Oh wow she’s singing in a bathing suite with glitter sh** on it sitting on a couch. Her dancers are wearing cowboys and Indian’s costumes that look like they came out of the dollar store, Glad I missed that!

  6. SJ says:

    WaneJessicaSoSoDef the only reason you missed Mariah on tour is because you can’t afford it you cheap sl*t!

  7. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    I could easily afford to see a Has-Been like Mariah in concert. I’d simply go to the lounge where she’s singing, buy a drink and sit around a few hours.

  8. mcarey4life04 says:

    How would you get inside the lounge? I thought they restrict dogs being inside?’, ‘Ruff Ruff!

  9. Isaias says:

    I went to this concert with my wife and I gotta say it was one of the best concerts I’ve been too. She has gone throughout it like any normal wage making human out there. Even in her bad days she still got the chops.

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