Mariah Carey Phones In A Merry Christmas Greeting

Mariah Carey left fans a special Christmas treat phoning in a Merry Christmas message to fans in the company of children. Fortunately, she did phone the message in as apparently someone got the number that shouldn’t have and left a message reportedly saying, “How are your t*ts, fool?” Read on for the transcript.

Mariah: Merry Christmas Lambs! Hold on everybody wants to say Merry Christmas to you

(Everybody): Merry Christmas Lambs!

Mariah: Sadie, say Merry Christmas Lambs!

Sadie (baby lamb :D): Merry Christmas Lambs!

Mariah: (Laughs) you all are having a great holiday, and uhm, enjoying yourselves, being festive, being safe and all those things. I love you much, and uhm, we’ll speak to you soon. Buh bye. Merry Christmas!

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