Mariah Carey Recording New Album In Bahamas

Contributed by SJ:

MCZLOVERBOY (from Friends of Mariah Messageboard) reports “I’m was in Minneapolis last week attending a Music Educator’s Conference and I just came back from a session with Jimmy Jam. He gave a session on popular music and its place in schools’ music programs. After the talk, we were able to go up to him, so I got his autograph and asked him if he was working with Mariah yet on her new album? He laughed and said, ‘Actually, Mariah is in Anguilla right now, near the Bahamas, recording some stuff for her new album. I’m supposed to be there, but I had to be here, so one of our partners is working with her at the moment until we can get there’.”

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Recording New Album In Bahamas

  1. pl says:

    I just hope she comes out with somthing better than last time.

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