Mariah Carey Rushing To Make Her Brazil Concert On Time

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MariahCarey), apologizing for her delayed arrival at the Festa Do Peão de Boiadeiros in Barretos, Sao Paulo for a concert scheduled at midnight. The pop singer writes:

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. whateverrr.. Umm just got off the tarmac on a desolate road in Brazil right now trying 2 get 2 the show. SFL!.

“Do they have helicopters here?” (Said like Regina George in ‘Meangirls’ ala “is butter a carb?! LoL..uggh IG2P!

I really tried 2 b on time! Hopefully I still am. I never know cos I make management lie 2 me so I’m early(ish) but this is 2 much

Zack, and any other fans who were inconvenienced by me leaving out the back of the hotel today.. SORRY! I was told that was the exit!

Also, any Lambs out there, pls vouch 4 me! I ALWAYS stop when I can, even if its 4am & I’m exhausted or whatever! Real fans know! LYM!

Plus, I didn’t know anyone was there, certainly not for 8 hours! We had to fly to another city 2 do the show & I’m STILL in the car. GB

Sorry, it’s the language barrier.. I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE! (Said like E.Murph)

YES! “I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!” Got a nice escort so we made it.. See you soon. Love Brazil!

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Rushing To Make Her Brazil Concert On Time

  1. Cassie Hicks says:

    Poor baby.:( I hope that you were all right in Brazil.:)

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