Mariah Carey Should Have Respect

Contributed anonymously:

Why doesn’t get the respect she deserves? It always amazes how often she bears the brunt of people’s ill will. Maybe it’s because she isn’t an attention grabber like other pop stars. Nope, no cheap publicity stunts either. She also never tries to be something she isn’t and (heaven forbid!) she is amazingly accessible to her fans. No unhealthy vices or promiscuous life style.

Yes, she’s definitely lacking the traits pop fans hold dear.

Apparently, to have a beautiful voice be a good and write sweet inspirational songs is a crime. And you would think that after 12 years in the music industry without doing something utterly stupid or shocking as a role model (unless you are an ignoramus who attaches stigma to stress breakdowns) you would be glorified or at least, respected.

Well sorry, no.

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