Mariah Carey Shows Growth As A Concert Performer

Gerry Gittelson of the Redlands Daily Facts reviewed Mariah Carey’s concert at Universal Amphitheatre on Monday night before a sold-out crowd. Gittelson says, “Carey hit her high notes beautifully, to the delight of the mostly young, female crowd. And her between-songs banter was warm, engaging and charismatic. Carey’s growth as a concert performer is especially notable because in the past, her biggest weakness might have been a mild failure to connect with audiences. However, such shyness has disappeared. Carey was in control of the room Monday — and [Britney Spears] and company should have been there taking notes.”

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3 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Shows Growth As A Concert Performer

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    There you have it, Mariah has still got the power to put any wannabe singer to shame, and yeah all those little girls still have a long way ahead of them to prove themselves, so please, don’t ever compare Mariah to Britney and Jho, those *****es have nothing on her, Mariah is way ahead of them and always will be, She is the most successful living artist, And I can prove it.

  2. Tig says:

    Mariah is doing her thing she’s still selling records, doing great shows, and she seems happy…Comparing her 13 year reign to Britney (who seems cool as sh*t, but trust she’s a stripper moonlighting as a singer) and J Lo (who is a cheating- tramp–harlot-stripper-bad-B-Movie Actress/ who shakes her ass and wears tons of make-up and steals Mariah’s songs and ideas) is a mistake to compare them to Mariah. MC is a singer with a gifted voice, and the amazing ability to write compelling songs. However, at her show, yeah she sang her butt off, but she seemed to be on Prozac or something, she was not 100% there. But I still think she is mad fly.

    Note to Mariah: I looked at you back stage and I thought this chick has it all…she’s mixed(the best of both worlds), great voice, and hot body…and a big heart…and besides the fact that she has a toned, sleek sexy body, which is on point, she has no vocal competition out their other than Christina. COVER THOSE TITS, it’s getting old, she’s getting like Janet Jackson, after they get those T*ts, they push them up for the world to see…It’s whack….cover up those ta-ta’s and sing ur heart out about believing n yourselfand being dumped, so we all can relate and let J Lo(aka Not A NUN) and Britney and Jessica Simpleson, do the push up tities to sell records thing.

  3. tena says:

    I think that all performers have their own thing to contribute and there will be people who love Britney and her music, and those who will love another performer. It is about different taste and maybe fans are too caught up in comparing everyone No one can tell anyone here who they should like better.

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