Mariah Carey Song Inspires Charitable Project

Contributed by MariahsMan: reports that driving home one night a year ago, Gloria Sanderson heard Mariah Carey’s song, “Through the Rain,” on the radio. As program director of the Local Initiatives Support Coalition, which helps rebuild homes for those in need, Sanderson immediately thought of a client, Margaret Saavedra, a mother of four whose house was falling down. Carey’s voice filled the car: “I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again.” Sanderson promised at that moment that if she could help rebuild Saavedra’s home, she would sing that song at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and ended up doing so.

The entire story at has since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Song Inspires Charitable Project

  1. Madfan says:

    Who says Mariah Carey ever made it through the rain? the flops still keep on pouring.

  2. QueenLambFlops says:

    Oh you poor, poor lamb FLOPS! I know it must hurt that Mariah is a has-been whore. I know how it must hurt when you found out she had to screw Tommy Mottola to get a record deal. I know how much it hurts to realize that all she ever does is whisper. But what must hurt most of all is that she will never have a hit again! It’s kind of sad that you poor flop chops must create fabricated stories to keep the memory of the Queen of Flops alive. Truly truly sad…. *Whispers* You can make it through the rain lamb flops.

  3. Crusader says:

    It’s good to know that Mariah’s song “Through The Rain” helped a family in times of need. Go Mariah!

  4. mikemc says:

    Mariah’s lyrics are the most inspiring and heart warming words in the industry. She is a true artist, and a good person!!! We LOVE you Mariah!

  5. monarc20 says:

    That’s great to hear cause that song helped me through a time in my life I thought I wouldn’t make it out of. I just found out I had Cancer last year and this song inspired me to still be positive about the future. The Hater’s can say what they want but music can change people’s lives and Mariah always tries to make a difference in the world through her music and charities!

  6. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Mariah Carey is Great! You Haters prove it more everyday. Only the Great artist have haters. Everybody knows Mariah Carey! Her name is up there with Elvis. Only a great artist could be known that well. So you keep hating and I’ll just keep smiling cause Mariah Carey has nothing left to prove. #1 selling female artist. Most #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hits (15) by a female artist and 3rd over all. Longest run at #1 16 weeks! Only female to have 60 weeks at #1 2nd over all behind Elvis! You haters give me your opinion and I give you the facts! If you don’t believe me just check Billboard history!

  7. mikemc says:

    Oh my God!!! God bless you monarc20, I know everything will work out for you. But I totally understand what you say about Mariah’s music, whenever something bad is going on in my life, I listen to Mariah’s music and it puts things in perspective.

  8. weebongo says:

    Once again the lambs are trying to relive her past history and act as if it was relevant to the present state of her career. How does the Has-Been Hooker’s past history prove that she still has a career now. .It doesn’t. The Has-Been Hooker is over and dead. You lambs prove that everyday because all you can talk about is her past glories. That’s all the poor Has-Been Hooker has left.

  9. crunked says:

    Uh sorry but you guys are the jealous bitches that need to move on and get a life! You asses come here wasting your time hating on someone who actually has talent when haters like you obviously need to either go get your head checked or get an damn education!

  10. MariahsMan says:

    Note to Mariah fans… Seriously, do not waste your time responding to these obviously ridiculous comments from the “haters.” It’s so not worth it. Think about it, Mariah would simply laugh and move on…and we should do the same. I’ll speak for myself when I say I’m better than that, and I’m no longer gonna sink into their level. Posting comments about the article is great. But just post your opinions on the ARTICLE and move on…because again, it’s not worth it. Haters will always hate. Truly ignorant people will only see what they want to see. Haters will always call the sweet and caring things Mariah does for others “fan fiction.” We respect Mariah for who she is…they don’t. So live your life and don’t involve yourself in theirs.

  11. MariahCareyFreak says:

    No you stupid LOSER! Mariah Carey has nothing more to prove! When you’re #1 Female Artist of all time you can’t get much higher then that! This is not you’re opinion this is FACT! So you say she’s finished and done and it’s over and she’s Queen of Flops and she’s a dirty ho! But that’s all you’re opinion. The FACT is she’s had 4 #1 albums some artist never have a #1 album and Charmbracelet sold 241K in it’s first week with only 500,000 copy’s shipped to stores I wonder why they didn’t ship more? I’ve heard Britney had over 2 Million of her album shipped to stores my guess is it will sale close to a Million! Mariah has sold over 150 Million albums. So you call her flop queen if you want but you’re just speaking a false opinion and when someone looks at the FACTS it makes you look just like what you are a blind HATER LOSER!

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