Mariah Carey Spends Big Bucks On Unused Limos

Former New York City limo driver to the stars Paul Monroe continued his commentary on his experiences driving stars around with his thoughts on . Monroe revealed, “We would get a call in the office for a fleet of cars to arrive first thing in the morning at Mariah’s place – two SUVs, four sedans, on Mercedes and a stretch limousine. We’d all get there then we’d sit outside her residence all day without moving. The cost to go nowhere was easily $7,000 to $8,000.” Monroe says Carey spent hundreds of thousnads over the years on cars that were never used. But despite her demands, Monroe says Carey was “absolutely not snobby. In all my time dealing with her, she was always the nicest person. She’d say, ‘Hi Paul. Nice to see you.’ She was a looker, too.”

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