Mariah Carey Supports Anastacia

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Singer Anastacia told Dope Music Magazine in Sydney that one of the most intimidating performances of her career was at the United We Stand concert last year, with Michael Jackson and Mariah. “Before it, I was so nervous,” she admits. “I was sweating like a pig, seriously. The thought of singing with Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey at the same time was indescribable. I never imagined singing with my life time idols.”

Q. DID YOU MEET ANY OF THEM? “Actually I did. Well I didn’t really get to meet Michael properly, but backstage, just after her individual performance, I met Mariah. She actually came up to me, it was so weird. I had no idea that she even knew I existed. She came and told me that she loves my voice and she loved my “Not That Kind” album. I freaked out, haha! I couldn’t believe how nice she was, I never expected it from all the rumours I hear. But she’s extremely kind and down-to-earth and you know what? We chatted for a while and she told me to sing at the front with her at the end when we performed “What More Can I Give”. It was an honour.”

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