Mariah Carey Thanks Fans She Met In Europe

Contributed by a_rod221:

Today called in to her website and left the following message:

“Hey Lambs, Just wanted to call and say hey I’m back in the States for a minute and I just want to thank everybody all the fans I met in England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland everywhere you guys are the best I enjoy ya as always. I just want to thank you so much for coming out and showing me the love and support now back by popular demand the one and only big nasty

Trey: Hey ya’ll this is the man of the hour, I just wanna let you all know keep it coming and that we love ya you know we do alright and you know were gonna make it through the rain, and I love you baby hold on now (Mariah Laughing)

Mariah: We Love ya appreciate ya and enjoy ya ok! (EVERYONE: Buh, bye, bye bye Mariah Thank Ya Much) Mariah: Ok looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico very very soon, buh bye (yell in backround ‘Yea’)”

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