Mariah Carey Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Friday to promote her upcoming ‘Adventures of Mimi’ tour. The singer arrived just in time for the interview caught up in traffic and discussed her platinum ringtone, getting in trouble as a child for crank calls, her many humidifiers, being part of ‘Oprah’s Legends Ball’, and she took part in a game show with a super fan to see which of the two knew more about Mariah. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jimmy: Our first guest tonight h 17 number one songs. She told more
than 160 million record. This woman has so much money, she flies around
in a plane. You can see her live on “the adventures of mimi,” the tour,
kicks off in miami starting august 5tH. Please say hello to mariah carey.

[ Cheers and applause ] You look fantastic. Thank you for being here.

Mariah: Thank you, you look fantastic as well.

Jimmy: We got worried you but you made it.

Mariah: I am from new york and we just don’t understand — we have traffic
in new york but it’s different out here. Because things are further away.

Jimmy: It varies here. New yorks, it’s pretty consistent, bad all the
time. Here you never know what you’ll wind up.

Mariah: In new york, you can get out and walk.

Jimmy: Not here.

Mariah: Nobody walks here.

Jimmy: Have to walk a mile and a half and you probably wouldn’t get
very far dressed like that.

Mariah: Was just trying to be festive, you know, for the show.

Jimmy: You’re festive, all right. I’m very excited you’re here. Thank
you for being here.

Mariah: I’m very excited for being here.

Jimmy: I learned today not only have you sold an unbeliable 160 million
records, but you also went platinum with a ring tone.

Mariah: Yes, i was very excited abo that. That was “we blng together”
ring tone. I guess it’s like — i don’t know, however many people download
the ring tone. You’re asking the wrong person.

Jimmy: Did you download your own ring tone?

Mariah: No, i did not. No, I didn’T.

Jimmy: That would be a little embarrassing yr phone goes off and it’s
your own voice.

Mariah: You know what’s funny, somebody who was programming my phone
for me because I’m like technically illiterate, need help, anybody out
there who wants an job, just to do the technical things for me —

Jimmy: There’s going to be a mile long line of nerds outside your house.

Mariah: I’m serious, though. They programmed my phone for me and it’s
like my songs, it’s like “shake it off” for people who I don’t want t talk
to. Really embarrassing, my song.

Jimmy: You did a lot of crank calls when you were a kid, i ard.

Mariah: I did. And did i not know that crank yankers was yr show.

Jimmy: That is, well, thank you, yeah.

Mariah: That’s the great show. Like especially because i am kind of
a prankster.

Jimmy: You are?

Mariah: I used to be. I guess i still am.

Jimmy: What would a mariah carey crank call — how old are you when
you’re doing this stuff?

Mariah: Well, think i started when i was like 8. Yeah. I started young.

Jimmy: Good age to start.

Mariah: And then i kept going and i actually got in a lot of trouble
for it so I’m not advocating prank calling out there. But that was kind
of like my onlyhone for a little while.

Jimmy: What would you do? How would you get in trouble for crank calling?

Mariah: I got in trouble. I hope they’re not watch. There were these
girls who were reallyean to when when i was like 6ears old and i held a
dwruj for a while. Grudge for while. Basically, years later, I’m still
holding this grudge because i was only 6 and they were 12 throwing rocks
at my window, very abusive. Me and my friend just kept pranking these girls
and like, over the year, they found out. They were like “mariah, we know
it’s you.” Nobody really had the name maria, so i said, uh-oh, the cops
came and it was a drama.

Jimmy: That’s one of the rules, not to use your own name.

Mariah: They went through an investigation or whatever and they found
out. I was only 10 when it happened or.

Jimmy: Is this why you’ve chosen mimi as your code name to get away
from those —

Mariah: Because more people have it.

Jimmy: Get away from those girl. This tour, you’re going all over the

Mariah: Yes, i am.

Jimmy: It starts towards the end of summer. Do you like going out on
tour? Is it fun? You haven’t done it in three years, right?

Mariah: I like it when i get to be with my friend because a lot of singers
and dancers are my friend. The one thing that’s annoying is everybody else
gets to go out and have fun and I’m at home with the humidifiers, at home,
in bed.

Jimmy: Because you have to sing.

Mariah: Exactly.

Jimmy: How many humidifiers do you have?

Mariah: Quite a few.

Jimmy: Like more than three?

Mariah: Yes, really, a lot. That’s why in my own apartment i have a
special room that’s like a regular steam room butt’s got a bed in it and
everything’s waterproof. It’s small though.

Jimmy: Is it covered with mildew?

Mariah: No, i got the whole thing down. Everything is completely able

watched. It’s like a whole marble. It’s like a regular steam room but
you can sleep in and it the tv’s behind glass.

Jimmy: You’re whole bed is surrounded by humidifiers.

Mariah: That room is like a steamer.

Jimmy: But the hotel rooms —

Mariah: The hotel rooms are, like, you’re ruining our wallpaper, the
humidity. I had to tone it down with that.

Jimmy: That’s an unusual rock star complaint.

Mariah: The opposite of what other people are doing.

Jimmy: You’re friends with oprah. We both are. She’s a very dear friend
of mine.

Mariah: Yes, yes, I’ve heard this.

Jimmy: We’re very close. You went to that big — it was a really big
deal to be invited.

Mariah: Yes, it was.

Jimmy: Very select group of people to be invited.

Mariah: Did you see invitation?

Jimmy: I didn’t get one.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: It started with an invitation th was like this huge. It looked
like a piece of furniture. It was so nice. I have never seen nick anything
like it in my whole life. Anyway —

Jimmy: And she took you all to medieval times?

[ Laughter ] No, she took you to her ranch.

Mariah: The promised land, believe she calls it.

Jimmy: Really, she calls it the promised land?

Mariah: Yeah, she does. It’s really beautiful. Oh, i was supsed to wear
my oprah earrings today!

Jimmy: The earrings oprah gave you.

Mariah: Oprah wouldn’t consider this an earring. These are m little
baby diamond earrings. She gave us —

Jimmy: Those could be your tyra earrings. Like a junior oprah.

Mariah: Oh, okay. No, but oprah’s earrings were amazing. I mean, i hate
to just discuss the material aspect of that weekend because it was very
much like a — you know, you’ve seen the documentary, yes?

Jimmy: Well, yeah, i wouldn’t — is it a documentary? Is that technically
what they call it?

Mariah: Oh, you’re making fun of my friend!

Jimmy: Oh, god, never make fun of miss oprah.

Mariah: Miss oprah is the best. She’s — it’s like she’s got — that
weekend was so structured and so — like it was an incredible opportunity
to be there, but when oprah’s like, okay, everybody sit down, I’m like
— get in my seat.

Jimmy: Really? She tells you what to do?

Mariah: No, she doesn’t do it in a mean way. She’s just oprah. You just
do it.

Jimmy: Who were you excited to meet at that thing?

Mariah: So many people. I would have to say the most incredible gift
was to be able to meet coretta scott king before she passed away. That
was amazing.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah.

Mariah: Everybody there. It was really great. The luncheon was my favorite
part because there were in managers, press people, helpers, extra folk,
mean like you could actually talk to other people, you know?

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mariah: Usually, there could be like five people surrounding you and
me —

Jimmy: Between you and oprah.

Mariah: Yeah.

Jimmy: Yeah that sort thing.

Mariah: Yeah.

Jimmy: If there’s another one of these, I’m willing to have a sex change
operation to go to this thing.

Mariah: Does she know this, though? I think she would have definitely
invited you. Nod the luncheon, the luncheon was only women.

Jimmy: I’m the reason she dug the moat and had snipers. What is it called
the forbidden zone, the promised land?

Mariah: I don’t think she has sniper. Her home is fabulous.

Jimmy: I bet it is. I know you love to meet your fans. You have one
on one things with your fans.

Mariah: Yes, i do.

Jimmy: Weound a young lady that is a huge fan of yours. Wh we’re going
to do is play a little game. To find out who knows more about mariah carey,
you or your super fan. All right? A little game show with mariah carey
and rob zombie on the way.

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