Mariah Carey Visits Kids At Camp Mariah

The New York Times reports that Mariah Carey, who donated $1 million to the Fresh Fund in 1995 and has a camp named in her honor, visited the young residents of Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York arriving in a black Mercedes limousine. “People say their lives were completely changed, just by going up to a host family or to different camps,” Carey said. “They say that before, they had never seen trees and grass and lakes or anything like that. Just that experience in and of itself is amazing, that you can just lie out and look at the stars.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Visits Kids At Camp Mariah

  1. norvasha says:

    Dear Mariah
    Hey what’s up
    My name is Norvasha and I’m 12 years old I love you so much I love to dance ,sing,act,and model I would love to become famous and be in 1 of your music videos lol!! I would truly love to go to one of your concerts but my parents can’t afford it if you could hook me up please do we’re not poor but we’re not rich either I am a bigger fan than any of your other fans say they are I don’t like you because you are pretty or an amazing singer or song writer it’s because I love your personality, sense of humor and confidence and you carry your self like a woman should I really idolize you because you inspire me to fulfill my dream please write back and by the way this is for you not your manager so I would like you to read this not your manager-much love Norvasha your true fan love ya and god bless!!

  2. norvasha says:

    and one more thing when is the next camp Mariah because I would love to be in it and meet you please write back

  3. Savannah Butler says:

    Hey what’s up I really want to go on your camp site so please hook me up I’m not poor but ain’t rich neither so please hook me up I love your music I hope to god that he will let me see you I’m not gonna freak out but I will faint!!! Well please call my cell thanks bye!

  4. Savananh Butler says:

    Hey one more thing when does camp start again because I really want to go so write back please lol… and don’t forget to hook me up please I really want to see you your my FAVORITE singer ever so please hook me up!

  5. Savananh Butler says:

    Hey its me again I guess you don’t know how to write back but its all good but any was I was wondering when you gonna have your next concert I hope its in Oklahoma City so please write back or call me.

  6. Jazlyn Vega says:

    Hi Mariah I’m a big fan and I was wondering because I have a big school project coming up I could ask you a couple of questions and of course if you feel weird you don’t have to answer it please write back thanks

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