Mariah Carey Visits Radio 1

visited Scott Mills on Radio 1 Tuesday morning (July 5), and proved she wasn’t a huge diva. Carey denied that she demands red carpets and candles when she arrives at a hotel. has since removed the audio.

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2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Visits Radio 1

  1. Potrzebie says:

    Of course Mariah doesn’t demand red carpets and candles. That’s her manager’s job.

  2. MariahCareyFreak says:

    I think Mariah should have total both of these radio stations to go f*ck themselves after what they said about her. BBC and BBC2 get go to hell! Calling her all kinds of names then when she gets on there radio show they sit there an smile at her. Two Faces basters! F*ck UK Radio. I feel for the people in London. My heart goes out to them families of the victims of the terror attack. May God Bless you! Remember there a reason for everything.

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