Mariah Carey Wishes Fans A Happy New Year

checked in with fans on her official website on Sunday (January 1). Carey, joined by several friends, said, “Happy New Year! Hi Lambs! We just wanted to call and say Happy New Year and thank you for an incredible 2005 and this year… what Jasmine? (We miss you, we love you. It’s 2006 and we are in Anguilla!). Yes we are, dahling. We have a special guest here who just wants to say a few words real quickly. (Happy New Year to all the lambs in the land.) But also, where’s our other guest that was here before? Where did he go? (Move over here and say something.) I love you guys. I’m looking forward to 2006 and having an amazing year. Thank you so much for everything. Alright, I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and had a very festive New Year. We were ringing it in, hope you were watching it. It was so festive at Times Square. Everybody out there, we enjoyed you. It was really nice. Oh my goodness, now it’s getting out of control dah… (line cuts off)”

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