Mariah Carey’s Autograph Collector Magazine Story Is Fake

Contributed by SJ: reports that The Autograph Collector magazine story is fake – Several Mariah fan sites were cheated by a fake article sent by what I would call a hater. I bought this magazine a few days ago and in NO way there’s an article called ‘Elusive signer’ inside.

The ONLY mention of Mariah is in the article called “Singapore scene: David covers the MTV Asia Awards”. Read on for what it says.

“As the show dragged on, only a handful of international celebrities trickled into the room, so I was about to call it a night. But just as I was about to leave, appeared on stage to accept the Lifetime Acheivement award. She was the big surprise guest of the evening! I decided to wait, and as I headed to the restroom, I saw Carey and an entourage of MTV executives, record executives and bodyguards walk toward the front of the photographers’ room. I quickly slipped back into the room through the back door and made my way to the front for a prime position.

When Carey walked in, the photographers went into a snapping frenzy. I noticed a young photographer attempting to get her autograph, but there were so many people around her that even asking was impossible. Within five minutes she was whisked out of the room and off to the airport to catch a flight to Jakarta.”

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